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The "Shark Fin" board turning system was originally designed and Patented for use in high speed application with Automatic Lumber Grading Systems, accommodating up to 212 boards per minute. Over the past six years we were unable to find a non mechanical board turner that would work at these high speeds. We decided to market the "Shark Fin" board turners to the sawmills and planer mills that wish to give their Graders the best possible assistance from injury as well as preparing the Mill now for the future in Automatic Lumber Grading.



Supply Services Ltd has sold 9 systems in Australasia:

• Pan Pac Forest Industries, Napier
• CHH Wood Products, Kawerau (2)
• CHH Wood Products, Kopu
• Taranaki Sawmills, New Plymouth
• Tenon, Taupo
• Thames Timber
• AKD, Irrewarra
• French Pine, Tasmania


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MAGNA-SKIN Technologies is in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing quality industrial magnetic innovations. They specialize in combining elastomeric host materials with powerful permanent magnetic technology. These innovations are focused at providing industry with Innovative Magnetic Solutions.


  Magnetic Head Pulleys tramp metal and drops it off under the belt or onto a deflector chute.  

  Cross Belt Separation
Install the cross conveyor above the product flow.  An internal permanent magnet holds tramp metal on the conveyor belt and drops it off into a bin or into a deflector chute.

  Drum Separators
The rotating drum has an internal permanent magnet which holds tramp metal and deposits it into the splitter chute


Suspended Plate Magnets
Simply install above the product flow or discharge.  A powerful permanent magnet gathers tramp metal.  Option of a scraper mechanism to clean the magnet surface is available.


Attracts and retains ferrous tramp metal from the product stream prior to entering processing equipment such as chippers, hogs and milling equipment.



Provides a quick and simple method of steel wear plate fastening and replacement. Eliminates welding, cutting, bolting, and gouging.

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Supply Services Ltd stock and supply a range of conveyor belt rollers in both plastic and steel constructions.

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For forklifts and other lifting machinery.

• Leaf chain and accessories
• Highest quality
• Test certificates available
• Respected by leading hoist manufacturers
• Made in Germany

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BL Series
• All lacing configurations
• 12.70 to 50.8mm pitch

F Series
• All lacing configurations
• 12.7 to 50.8mm pitch


AL Series
• All lacing configurations
• 12.70 to 50.8mm pitch

• Connecting pins
• Connecting links




Consider the specialist technology from Arntz-Optibelt in Germany. Utilizing innovative, patented manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials they are renowned for producing the world's closest tolerance V-Belts. Optibelt produces the world's only maintenance free V-Belts - "Redpower II"

Optibelt produces a complete range of V-Belts and Timing Belts for every application.

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Tree Island Industries is a wire and wire products manufacturing company, which operates a 430,000 square foot modern integrated wire drawing mill.  The company started production in 1964 and presently produces approximately 160,000 tons of wire products per year.

Wire Products:
• High carbon pulp baling wire
• High carbon upholstery & spring wire
• High carbon recycling wire. Galvanised or Annealed
• Low carbon bright wire
• Low carbon galvanised wire
• Low carbon galvanised chain link wire
• Low carbon PVC galvanised chain link wire
• Stucco mesh
• Woven fence field wire
• Vineyard wire
• Barbed wire

Nail Products:
• Bulk nails
• Collated nails
• Handy pack nails
• Pallet construction nails

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