2.609" pitch universal sprockets.

2.609″ Pitch Universal Sprockets

​2.609" pitch universal sprockets are pre-fabricated and stocked on the shelves ready for immediate dispatch to your site. They are unique in that they universally fit a range of 2.609" pitch conveyor chains. Profile cut from AISI 1045 plate with induction hardened teeth by default, these universal conveyor chain sprockets come standard as A-Plates, B or C Boss or split type.
​​Universal sprocket to suit a range of 2.609" pitch conveyor chains
Increased service life due to custom induction hardened teeth
A range of options & machining services available to customise your sprocket


​Tooth Count​


​Tooth Profile

Standard height & chamfered


A Plates, B Boss, C Boss, Split​ for bolting


Sprocket Plate

Our off-the shelf Uni-Sprockets are flame cut from superior AISI 1045 plate which has a nominal hardness of 12 Rc. This hardness specifically around the bore area allows for easier welding of hubs & machining of the bore & key way.

Heat Treatments

As standard, our Uni-Sprockets have induction hardened teeth that provide a uniform hardness across the tooth section to 50-55 Rc. Induction hardening the sprocket teeth offers superior wear resistance & longer service intervals.


We offer a full range of welding, CNC & engineering services to customise your Uni-Sprocket to the final requirements. Welding, machining, installing hubs, inserting key ways, bores & taper locks are just some of the services available that our capable staff carry out.

​A-Plates, B & C Boss

Our range of Uni-Sprockets include A-Plates with no hubs & we also stock pre-fabricated B & C boss hubs specifically manufactured to suit our Uni-Sprockets. Ready to be sent to your site for your staff to then weld, bore & key, or we can do this for you.

Universal Fitment

Uni-Sprocket: the name says it all & our customers love them. We manufacture Uni-Sprockets to cover a range of 2.609″ pitch conveyor chains such as: 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, WH78, C188, LXS882, H78A & H78B to name a few.

Most Popular

​Our C-Boss Split-Type Uni-Sprocket range offers a 4-bolt, 2-piece split sprocket available off-the-shelf that allows for the removal & fitment of sprockets without the removal of shaft assemblies. These sprockets are the most popular in the range due to the ease of which they can be fitted & dramatically reduce installation time.



2.609″ Pitch Universal Sprockets Range

Chain Name
(2.609" pitch)
Tooth Count
A Plates
B & C Boss
Split Type, C-Boss, 4-Bolt
81X, 81XH, 81XHH, WR78, C188, LXS882, H78A, H78B8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16YesYesYes


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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