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ANSI Heavy Chains

ANSI Heavy Roller Chains

ANSI Heavy roller chains are the ideal power transmission chain where the drive is subjected to heavy shock loads, multiple start/stops or reversing. ANSI heavy series chains use the link plate from the next larger chain size utilising a thicker link plate which provides an increase in fatigue resistance.

  • Built for severe operating conditions
  • Exceeds industry standards
  • Low elastic elongation
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​Pitch Sizes

​3/4" (60H-1) to 3" (240H-1)


​Simplex, Duplex, Triplex & more


​​10ft boxes & 50ft rolls

​Connector Links Available


​Attachments Available


​Sprockets Available



Suitable for High Loads​

​Shock Resistant

​Fatigue Resistant

​20% Higher Breaking Strength

​Hardened High Tensile Pins

​High Power Transmission Capacity

ANSI Heavy Roller Chain Range

Pitch Size
1 1/4"100H-1100H-2100H-3100H-4
1 1/2"120H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request
1 3/4"140H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request
2"160H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request
2 1/4"180H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request
2 1/2"200H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request
3"240H-1On RequestOn RequestOn Request


CAN-AM Chains – Canada

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