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Aqua Proof Chains

Aqua Proof Roller Chains

Aqua proof roller chains by CAN_AM show excellent corrosion resistance. The chain is treated with a special anti-rust treatment that out-performs zine or nickel plated chains. Ideal for outdoor, salt water, mining, timber/pulp & paper applications. Aqua proof chains are not suitable where the chain will come into contact with food – stainless steel chains are recommended.

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Particularly useful around brine & damp environments
  • Same strength & working loads as standard roller chains
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​​​​​Pitch Sizes​​​​

​1/2" to 2"


​Simplex, Duplex & Triplex


​​10ft boxes or 50ft rolls

​​​Connector Links Available​​


​​​Attachments Available​​


​​​Sprockets Available​​



​No Hydrogen Embrittlement

The special coating is applied to all chain components, not plated, removing hydrogen embrittlement problems.

Strength & Durability

Same strength & load values as standard CAN-AM roller chains.

​Perfect for

​Bottling plants, brine & salt environments, fertiliser & mining industries, timber & pulp/paper mills, plus more

Aqua Proof Roller Chain Range

Aqua Proof Chain Number
1 1/4"100-AP
1 1/2"120-AP
1 3/4"140-AP
More sizes on request


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