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ANSI Double Pitch Chain

Double Pitch Roller Chains

Double pitch roller chains from CAN-AM are available in both drive series and conveyor series. They are lighter in weight and lower in cost than ANSI standard roller chains of the same strength. They are ideal for slow and moderate speed applications, particularly when shaft centres are relatively long.

  • Lighter weight, lower price
  • Power transmission & conveying
  • 3 types available - Drive series, Conveyor: Standard Roller & Conveyor Roller
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​​Pitch Sizes​

1" to 4"




​10 ft boxes or 50ft rolls

​​Connector Links Available​


​​Attachments Available​


​​Sprockets Available​



Double Pitch - Drive Series

​​Double Pitch Drive Series - light series power transmission roller chains similar to ANSI roller chains, but with side plates providing a pitch twice as great. Light in weight & lower in price.

Double Pitch - Conveyor - Standard​ Roller

​C-2000  Double Pitch - Conveyor - Standard Roller - rollers are the same specifications as ANSI standard roller chains but with double the pitch. Side plates are straight-edged & unbeveled. Contours of roller link plates & pin link plates are identical, providing large contact areas for conveying materials.

​Double Pitch - Conveyor - Carrier Roller

​C2002 Double Pitch - Conveyor - Carrier Roller - rollers are the same as the C2000 Conveyor Standard chains except that the roller diameters are greater so that the rollers project beyond the chain link plates. These chains roll on flat surfaces with minimum friction.

Double Pitch Roller Chain Range

Drive SeriesConveyor Series
Standard Roller
Conveyor Series
Carrier Roller
1 1/4"A2050C2050C2052
1 1/2"A2060C2060HC2062H
2 1/2"-C2100HC2102H


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