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Hollow Pin Chains

Hollow Pin Roller Chains

Hollow pin roller chains by CAN-AM are manufactured with cold-forged solid bushings ensuring the inside diameter of the bushing is completely cylindrical. The hollow pin allows for the mounting of custom attachments & virtually unlimited conveyor versatility. Available in carbon steel & stainless steel materials, also double pitch variants in conveyor or carrier series.

  • Mount cross rods or custom attachments with ease
  • Easy to change, maintain & adjust attachments in the field
  • Unlimited conveyor versatility
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​​​Pitch Sizes​​

​1/2" to 2"




​​10 ft boxes or 50ft rolls

​​​Connector Links Available​​


Attachments Available​​


​​​Sprockets Available​​



​ Versatility​

The hollow pin enables the joining of multiple chain strands with cross rods and the fitment of custom ​attachments enabling unlimited conveying applications. Cross rods can be inserted without dissembling the chain.

Cold-Forged Solid Bushings

Offering superior wear resistance & seamless operation, providing longer service life.

​​Standard & Double Pitch​

​​CAN-AM Hollow Pin chains are available in standard & double pitch ANSI variants. Stainless steel versions are also available. Hollow pin chains run on standard ANSI sprockets (Double pitch on standard double pitch sprockets).​ Double pitch variants come in conveyor or carrier grade.

Hollow Pin Roller Chain Range

Pitch Size
StandardDouble Pitch
Double Pitch
1 1/4"-C2050-HPC2052-HP
1 1/2"-C2060-HPC2062-HP
More hollow pin chains are available on request


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