Sharp Top Chains

Sharp Top Roller Chains

Sharp Top Roller Chains by CAN-AM exceed ANSI & BS standards & are superior replacements for new & existing sharp top roller chain applications. Competitively priced & readily available for any standard applications. A range of pitch sizes, strand widths & points per pitch in standard & narrow series. Non-marking & custom options available.
Available in one, two, three, four, five & six stand variations
Range of sidebar profiles - points per pitch, profiles & point directions
Low profile tips reduces bruising & precise tooth sharpness for increased grip


​Pitch Sizes

​3/4″ to 2″


Simplex, Duplex, Triplex & more


​10ft boxes & 50ft rolls

​​Connector Links Available​


​​Attachments Available​


​​Sprockets Available​



Precision Ground Bottom

The underside of the chain can be ground flat for precision alignment and enhanced wear life against the chain guide plates.

Chrome Hardened Pins

Additional super hard chrome coated pins for increased wear life.

Induction Hardened Sharp Tops

Additional induction hardening of the sharp top teeth for enhanced wear life over the standard side plate hardness.

Chain Designations

ST = Sharp Top Chain
W = Waferizer Chain
SLL = Slasher Low Profile
3 PEP = 3 Points Every Pitch
4 PEP = 4 Points Every Pitch
5 PEP = 5 Points Every Pitch
DP = Double Point



Sharp Top Roller Chain Range

Pitch Size
American StandardBritish Standard
3/4"60-1 ST
60-2 ST
12B-1 (5 PEP)
12B-2 (5 PEP)
1"80-1 ST
80-2 ST
80-3 ST
80-4 ST
80-1 SLL
80-2 SLL
80-3 SLL
80-4 SLL
80-2 (5 PEP)
80-3 (5 PEP)
80-4 (5 PEP)
80-3 W2P
80-3 W4P
80-2 (4 PEP)
16B-1 (5 PEP)
16B-2 (5 PEP)
1 1/4"100-1 ST
100-2 ST
100-3 ST
100-1 SLL
100-2 SLL
100-3 SLL
20B-1 (5 PEP)
20B-2 (5 PEP)
1 1/2"120-1 ST
120-2 ST
120-4 ST
24B-1 (5 PEP)
24B-2 (5 PEP)
2"160-1 DP32B-1 Narrow
32B-1 Standard


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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