Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used across several industries to hoist and move heavy metal objects. IMT’s Magnetic Lifters do not require electricity and are much safer to operate since there is no concern for failure due to power surges or outages. Convenient way to tackle moving heavy loads with a single operator. These lifters are especially useful in production and fabrication facilities to load and remove plate and round stock into lathes, milling machines, plasma and water jet tables.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters | Supply Services


Handles round, flat and angled steel

One-man operation

Minimises product damage

Eliminate blocking, chains and straps/slings

Self-contained compact design

Rare earth permanent magnets

No external power supply

3:1 safety factor for reliable operation

Self locking to prevent accidental deactivation

Suspend below hook or spreader beam

In use



Steel fabrication

Machine shops




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