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20 Jan in K-Fair 2019

The Best Industrial Chopping Boards in New Zealand

Supply Services offers premium industrial chopping boards made of high-quality HDPE plastic. You can count on us for durable and fully customisable boards.
09 Jan in K-Fair 2019

Food Safe Plastic and Materials

High performance food grade plastic material is vital for improving efficiency, safety & competitive standing in the Food & Beverage industry.
Engineered plastic component by Supply Services.
01 Dec in K-Fair 2019

Supply Services Ltd – NZ Experts in Food and Beverage Plastic Packaging

Since inception, Supply Services has been designing and innovating technical high-performance plastics for NZ’s Food and Beverage Industry.
01 Dec in K-Fair 2019

Ensinger – Your Partner for High-Performance Plastics

Ensinger has earned a reputation worldwide as an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-performance plastics.
01 Dec in K-Fair 2019

Choosing CAN-AM Chains for Performance and Endurance

CAN-AM Chains have been in business for over 65 years and have applied their expertise to developing unbeatable chains for the wood processing sector.
30 Nov in K-Fair 2019

Trusting CANAM Chains for Top Performance Since 1980

CAN-AM Chains is obsessed with excellence, and this is clear through their careful and concise manufacturing and quality control.
30 Nov in K-Fair 2019

We Keep New Zealand Moving with our Range of Performance Engineering Products

New Zealand’s most trusted supplier and manufacturer of industrial chains, performance engineered plastics, sprockets and more.
08 Oct in K-Fair 2019

Metal Detectable Plastics / UHMWPE

Metal detectable UHMWPE plastics improves food production security.
01 Oct in K-Fair 2019

ACM Composite Bearings

Our ACM Composite Bearings utilised for sliding bearing pads on the Clarence River Bridge, north of Kaikoura. Lowest dry-running friction.
29 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Marine Bearings and Bushing Materials

Our stock of marine bearings and bushing materials made of marine composites and polymer plastics covers small to large vessels.
27 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Food Grade Plastic

Our food compliant acetal plastic materials sorted this sticky situation out for a customer.
17 May in K-Fair 2019

Tecapeek – High Performance Materials

TECAPEEK SM PVX Black. High performance polymer bearing and bushing materials available on the market for extreme applications.
Polypropylene plastic
20 Apr in K-Fair 2019

What is Polypropylene Plastic?

Polypropylene plastic is polyolefin and a thermoplastic polymer that is commonly referred to as PP. Read on to learn more about this product.
18 Nov in K-Fair 2019

ACM Composites and Bearing Materials

ACM composite bearing materials are used NZ wide in industries such as marine, offshore, rail, trackside, fluid power and construction.
16 Nov in K-Fair 2019

Engineering Plastic Rod and PVC Sheet Supplier

PVC Rod & Sheet Supplier. Wide variety in stock ready for immediate cutting and shipping. Full CAD design and CNC machining services available to make your finished parts.
09 Nov in K-Fair 2019

Food Compliant Blue UHMWPE

Food compliant blue UHMWPE. One of many blue materials available to make your production line finished parts optically detectable.
08 Oct in K-Fair 2019

PTFE applications are industry wide in NZ

PTFE application usage is industry wide. Make sure your application uses the very best PTFE materials available on the market manufactured by Guarniflon®.
Green glass bottles with silver caps move through a bottling line.
24 Sep in K-Fair 2019

Performance Plastics Products Save 360,000 Litres of Water

Performance plastics helped dramatically reduce the water consumption of one of our Auckland based customers. Smart material choices paid big dividends.
01 Sep in K-Fair 2019

UHMWPE Lined Crane Grabs

UHMWPE lined crane grabs help prevent bulk raw materials sticking to the grab thus improving productivity with reduced carry back.
26 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Pharmacy Pill Sorter

Pharmaceutical tablet sorter designed & manufactured in NZ to sort uncrowned or cracked tablets from the millions of good ones. Like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
05 Jun in K-Fair 2019

UBCO Bikes Hit the Road with Our Fitted HDPE Plastic Sheets

We were pleased to be able to help UBCO bikes with our engineering plastic materials for one of their customers who required numerous delivery bikes with carriers.
02 Jun in K-Fair 2019

PTFE Bridge Bearings

PTFE bridge bearings are the ideal material for the controlled dilation of resting surfaces of bridges and other infrastructures.
27 May in K-Fair 2019

Composite Plates – Lightweight, Stiff and Strong!

Ensinger presents new continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite plates for industry.
18 May in K-Fair 2019

Move More Loads with a Plastic Truck Bed Liner from Slippery-Deck®

Slippery-Deck® helps eliminate sticking, reduces carry back, allows you to move more bulk material improving your productivity and make more money.
30 Apr in K-Fair 2019

Capture Tramp Metal in Vibratory Conveyors with VIBRA-SEP

Capture Tramp Metal in Vibratory Conveyors.
12 Mar in K-Fair 2019

Shark Fin™ Board Turning Systems – General Overview

Shark Fin™ is designed to have singulated boards put onto lugs on the grading table and automatically turn the boards over in front of each grader.
08 Mar in K-Fair 2019

TECAPET TF (PE) – Powering Hydraulic Jacking for Kawerau Falls Bridge in Queenstown, NZ

TECAPET TF (PET) helped hydraulically jack a mega-structure like the Kawerau Falls Bridge over the Kawerau Gorge, south of Queenstown, New Zealand.
01 Mar in K-Fair 2019

Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards designed and tailored to meet your exact working requirements. Gain workplace efficiency with 5S.
21 Feb in K-Fair 2019

Chain Guides Extend Chain Service Life

UHMWPE Chain Guides extend the life of your conveyor chain, minimise maintenance downtime, reduce power consumption and offer quieter site operation.
11 Feb in K-Fair 2019

NZ Sprocket Supplier

We are the leading NZ supplier of sprockets for roller chains, conveyor chains, drag chains, agricultural chains, and bottling chains.
03 Feb in K-Fair 2019

Plastic Machining

Looking for plastic machining near me? You have found the right place! We machine nationwide for customers from Kaitaia to Bluff.
A close-up of a metal lathe with a rotating white cylinder being cut by a sharp tool.
29 Jan in K-Fair 2019

CNC Plastic Machining Services

Engineering plastics have a wide range of benefits to offer for making components. Learn more about our plastic machining services here.
24 Jan in K-Fair 2019

UHMWPE Sheet for NZ industry

UHMWPE sheet to keep NZ industry moving.
18 Dec in K-Fair 2019

Time to move up to the high performance plastics range?

If your application now exceeds the demands of standard engineering plastics, maybe it's time to move up to our high performance plastics range.
17 Dec in K-Fair 2019

Log Infeed Elevator Chain

Introducing our CAN-AM WH124IBR Log Infeed Elevator Chain.
13 Nov in K-Fair 2019

PTFE Plastic Supplier

NZ based PTFE supplier of high-quality finished and semi-finished PTFE Teflon products from Guarniflon® S.p.A, Italy. Your choice for premium fluorobased products.
11 Nov in K-Fair 2019

Torlon Balls for NZ Marine Bearings

Torlon balls are manufactured from extreme performance thermoplastic polyamide-imide (PAI). Ideal for marine grade ball bearings.
05 Nov in K-Fair 2019

Change Part Trolleys – Gain Work Place Efficiency Today!

Our change parts trolleys are made specifically to your requirements. Contact us today.
29 Oct in K-Fair 2019

Level winder screws for commercial applications

Custom designed, then CNC machined Level Winder Screws to match your exact requirements. Call our technical team today to discuss your application.
24 Oct in K-Fair 2019

Italy Trip – A Visit to Our PTFE Supplier

Recently two of our team visited our premium PTFE supplier Guarniflon in Italy.
20 Oct in K-Fair 2019

Doosan Puma GT2600M – Experience Increased Production with New Machinery

Allowing for the rapid production of customers finished parts from our extensive range of high performance engineering plastics.
17 Oct in K-Fair 2019

K Show Plastics – A Trip to Dusseldorf, Germany

K-Fair is expecting in 2019 some 230,000 visitors from over 160 countries and 3200 exhibitors.
07 Oct in K-Fair 2019

Dump Truck Bed Liner – Installations by Inovit Limited, Hamilton

Another Slippery-Deck® Truck Liner installed by Inovit into a 40 tonne dumper. Check it out.
29 Sep in K-Fair 2019

HDPE Sheet Supplier in New Zealand

Supplying quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting materials to NZ.
23 Sep in K-Fair 2019

Tramp Metal Magnet – Low Cost Contamination Solution for Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors

Low cost solutions for tramp metal contamination in chipper conveyors
23 Sep in K-Fair 2019

81x Chain Dimensions, Sprockets, and Accessories.

We have 81X chain dimensions, sprockets and accessories available in standard, heavy series and stainless steel grades.
08 Sep in K-Fair 2019

HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheet: High Density Polyethylene. One durable thermoplastic. Available in a range of options for a multitude of applications.
A close-up of the back of a dump truck with a raised hydraulic bed. The bed is empty and there is a metal chute in the middle.
06 Sep in K-Fair 2019

Dump Truck Liners

A recent Slippery-Deck®UHMWPE truck liner fitted to a large dumper truck.
26 Aug in K-Fair 2019

PCTFE vs PTFE: What is the Difference?

PCTFE plastic offiers dimensional stability that makes it great for high temperature structural parts.
22 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Roller Chain Connector Links, Joiners and Pins

Wide selection of British and American standard roller chain connecting links, joiners and pins.
14 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Sprockets for New Zealand Industry

Sprockets and plate wheels to suit every industry in New Zealand. Off the shelf, imported or custom fabricated, we can make the sprocket you require.
13 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Chain and Sprockets Brochure

If your industry uses chain and sprockets in NZ, then download and print off our latest edition of our chain and sprockets brochure.
07 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Engineering Plastics Auckland

Engineering plastics Auckland. Supplier of rod, tube & sheet. High-quality performance grade engineering plastic materials.
07 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Engineering Plastics Christchurch

Plastic supplier located in Christchurch. High-quality performance grade engineering plastic materials.
A stack of acetal plastic sheets and rods of various sizes.
01 Aug in K-Fair 2019

Acetal Materials – Rod, Tube, and Sheeting

ACETAL plastic supplier of TECAFORM rod, tube and sheet for engineering
29 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Sawmilling Chains & Wood Processing Chains

Sawmilling Chains & Wood Processing Chains To Keep Your Industry Moving
23 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Timber Chains for NZ Wood Processors

Timber Chains for NZ Wood Processors.
A large truck with a trailer parked alongside another.
22 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Slippery-Deck® – Liners for Trucks

Super Slippery Deck Truck Liners for NZ Truckers.
16 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Nylon Plastics

Nylon Plastic for Engineers - Nylon Rod | Nylon Tube | Nylon Sheet
09 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Our Products – Leading Conveyor Chain Supplier in New Zealand

Since 1980 we have helped to keep your industry moving. Learn more about our products as NZ's most trusted conveyor chain supplier.
04 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Roller Chain Supplier – British and American Standard

NZ's leading roller chain supplier representing quality international manufacturers in both British Standard (BS) and American Standard (ASA ANSI) specifications.
01 Jul in K-Fair 2019

Long Link Chain with Skookum Flights

Alloy steel long link chain with skookum flights for NZ wood processing.
25 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Split Sprockets

Split sprockets are the perfect sprocket for ease of installation especially in areas of limited space.
24 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Engineering Plastic Material Properties Chart

Common engineering plastic properties chart for engineers. Print one out or bookmark this page.
21 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Welded Steel Mill & Drag Chains

Welded Steel Mill & Drag Conveyor Chains - An Introduction.
19 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Thermoplastics Engineering

Engineering thermoplastics and industrial composites in rod, tube, sheet to keep NZ industry moving.
18 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Reverse Engineering

Give us your part and we’ll recreate it, even if its broken or worn out. Try our reverse engineering services.
18 Jun in K-Fair 2019

UHMWPE Supplier of Rod, Tube, Sheet, Wear Strip Profiles

UHMWPE supplier of rod, tube, sheet, wear strip and profiles.
17 Jun in K-Fair 2019

Who are CAN-AM Chains?

CAN-AM Chains. The leading chain manufacturer for the forest and waste water treatment industries.
17 Jun in K-Fair 2019

ACM Composites In Operation

Our ACM Composite Bearing materials are in use at the Port of Tauranga.
07 May in K-Fair 2019

Machine Matched Timing Screws

Exact split second in-feed requirements
06 May in K-Fair 2019

Profile Matches Sprockets

Don't just buy any sprocket.
30 Apr in K-Fair 2019

Laser Labelling

NZ Food and Pharmaceutical industries, you may be interested in this new product we have available from our German manufacturer Ensinger GmbH
29 Apr in K-Fair 2019


Amazing PTFE materials for food manufacturers and processors
29 Apr in K-Fair 2019

Medical Plastics

29 Apr in K-Fair 2019

Congratulations Craig Reekie

25 years of service