Nov 23 in Company

Congratulations Craig Reekie

As a company we have strong values and it is very rewarding to provide excellent service and exceed customer's expectations.
Craig Reekie

Introducing Craig Reekie, our Mount Maunganui Branch Manager who celebrated 25 years with the company.

Craig started in the chemical division in 1993, then progressed to Customer Services in the engineering division, climbed the ranks to Customer Services Supervisor and in 2008 was promoted to Branch Manager.

Craig has vast knowledge of our product range and services and knows a lot that the “books don’t tell you, you learn from hands-on experience”.

During his time at Supply Services, Craig has travelled to our international suppliers in the United States, Canada and Chile for specific product training and loves sharing this information with our team and customers to up skill them.

Congratulations Craig on reaching this 25th year of service with the company.