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Sprockets & Chain Wheels

We stock, import, design & manufacture a large range of sprockets and chain wheels to service our entire range of chains from 3/8″ to over 8.0″ in pitch. Whatever your requirements, we either have it on the shelf in NZ ready to go or can manufacture and machine it to your exact requirements.

Roller Chain Sprockets

ANSI and BS precision roller chain sprockets can be supplied with teeth that are flame heat treated, case hardened, induction hardened or not hardened at all. The surface finish can be plain, painted, zinc plated or black passivated.

​Tooth Count​
5+  upwards​
Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Conveyor chain sprockets designed to accurately match the conveyor chain, the attachments and the application it is being used for. Common materials are mild steel, Hardox 400 abrasion resistant steel or induction hardened C1045.

Tooth Count
5-25 or custom
Drag Chain Sprockets

Drag chain sprockets with through hardened, full length profiled teeth ready for sprocket manufacture. Full width teeth promote longer service life. Welded steel drag chain runs best on full width "drum" or “can” type sprockets.

​Tooth Count​
​6-13 or custom
2.609″ Pitch Universal Sprockets

2.609" pitch universal sprockets are designed to suit a wide range of conveyor chains such as 81X, WH78, LXS882, C188 & H78. Our induction hardened universal sprockets are ready for immediate dispatch to your site.

​Tooth Count​
2.609″ Pitch Polymer Sprockets

2.609" pitch polymer sprockets are manufactured from super strong Northane 75D polyurethane to suit a range of 2.609" pitch conveyor chains such as 81X, WH78, LXS882, C188 & H78.

Tooth Count​
9, 12, 13 & 14
Plastic Sprockets

We can supply plastic sprockets to suit bottling and packaging chains. We manufacture plastic sprockets to suit any application from our wide range of quality engineering plastic materials.

Engineering Plastics​
Chanex® Oregon Bends

Chanex® Oregon Bends manufactured from UHMWPE are excellent low cost alternatives to sprockets on the bottom of board singulators. Various sizes are available for 81X, H78 and WH78 series chains.

​2", 3", 3.5", 4" & 4.5"
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