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Truck Liners

Supply Services has been providing high-performance truck liner and trailer deck lining products and services across the country since 1995. Our Slippery-Deck® is an original truck and trailer deck lining solution for NZ that meets the highest standards in engineering plastics materials. Our super slippery truck deck liners are manufactured in the USA from premium grades of PE polymer. Eliminate sticking, reduce carryback, stop shovelling, improve your productivity, and make more money! Browse our truck liner solutions below.

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Truck Liners
Slippery-Deck® MD

Slippery-Deck® (MD) Medium Duty is an HMW-PE polymer suitable for non-abrasive products such as snow, dirt, clay, grain, wood chip etc. Loads slide easier. Protects your truck deck. UV stabilised. 3-4 times less wear resistant than Slippery-Deck® HD.

up to 45m
Wear Resistance
Slippery-Deck® HD

Heavy Duty (HD), UHMW-PE polymer for the most demanding applications and is our most popular product. It contains a small amount of re-processed UHMW-PE for cost effectiveness and a release agent for enhanced non-stick properties. It is 3-4 times more wear resistant than the Slippery-Deck® MD Liner.

up to 45m
Wear Resistance
Slippery-Deck® HD-HT

Heavy Duty (HD), High Temperature (HT), heat-stabilised UHMW-PE polymer for the most demanding applications. It is the only liner for use when hauling hot asphalt. It can be cut, formed and plastic welded to provide a slick seamless liner in your truck body.

up to 45m
Heat Resistance
Hot Asphalt
Slippery-Deck® Off Road

Custom cut to fit odd shaped dump bodies. It can be fitted in any of our grades of Slippery-Deck® Liner. Minimum thickness considered would normally be 12.7mm. We stock Slippery-Deck® HD Liner material in 10 different thicknesses up to 100mm to cover the most demanding of applications.

12.7 - 100mm
Wear Resistance
Custom Slippery-Deck®

Slippery-Deck ®HD-HT and HD grades are available from thicknesses starting at 6mm and in wider widths up to 4060mm. This additional width allows Slippery-Deck® HD-HT and HD to cover larger areas, allowing for truck and trailer side walls to be lined higher for specific applications.

From 6mm
Additional Slippery-Deck® Applications

Slippery-Deck® can be used in many other applications where toughness, abrasion resistance, a non-stick surface and a low coefficient of friction is required. It also has excellent chemical resistance. Examples include; digger buckets, hopper liners, slide pads, conveyor belt pulleys, wear pads, screw conveyor linings.

Why Use Slippery-Deck® Truck Liners?

Virtually eliminates sticking

• Loads slide out easier

• Dump loads quicker

• Reduce wear and tear

• Move more loads and make more money

Slippery-Deck® will dramatically reduce your tipping angle

• Tip under warehouse roofs!

• Tip under power lines!

• Reduce chances of a roll over!

Slippery-Deck® Liners are covered by our manufacturer's warranty

• Full warranty for durability and protection.

Our experienced installers work nationwide

• Awesome!

Frequently asked questions

What is UHMWPE?

UHMWPE stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It is the most abrasion resistant grade of polyethylene by far and is often referred to as the worlds toughest polymer.

Where is Slippery-Deck® made?

Slippery-Deck® is made in the USA by Polymer Industries Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing of polyolefins.

How much weight will a Slippery-Deck® Liner add to my trailer?

The standard 12.7mm x 3,050mm product will add approximately 40kg per metre of Liner.

How long will a Slippery-Deck® Liner last?

This depends on what you are dumping, and how often and the condition of your deck. Generally speaking a HD-HT liner will last 2x longer than steel and 4x longer than aluminium.

Can a Slippery-Deck® Liner be repaired?

Yes. Liners sometimes get damaged by diggers buckets etc. We can cut pieces out and weld new pieces in.

Is there anything I shouldn’t put on a Slippery-Deck® Liner?

Sharp objects like demolition material can damage or puncture a Liner. If you have to occasionally cart this type of material then you can put down a layer of finer crushed material first.

How long does it take to install a Slippery-Deck® Liner?

An experienced team of 2 people can install a Liner in 4-8 hours.

How is a Slippery-Deck® Liner held in my trailer?

Normally the Liner is bolted through the deck at the head board and sits under a steel or aluminium cap that runs down each side of the walls. Plastic Liners expand and contract with changes in temperature during the day, so they can only be fastened at one end. The alternative, as is done in OFF ROAD Liners, is to completely fasten them down.

What can I do to make my Slippery-Deck® Liner last longer?

Check the Liner regularly and remove any material such as stones that may have gotten underneath it (your installer can show you how to do this). Foreign matter under the Liner will cause high spots that will prematurely wear through.

Can I get Slippery-Deck® Liner in any other colours?

Yes. Dark grey, black or white are the standard colours but if you need a corporate colour we can do that too. You may have already seen our red and blue Liners on the road.

Will I know anyone who has one of your Liners in their truck or trailers?

Most likely as we have been fitting Slippery-Deck® for 20 years in New Zealand. These are some of our satisfied customers:

Fulton Hogan, Taylor Bros Transport, Winstone Aggregates, Stevenson Group, Higgins Contractors, P&I Pascoe, Warren McLean Cartage, J. Swap Contractors, Inframax Construction, Atlas Concrete, Firth, Road Metals, Jackson Enterprises, Transfleet Equipment, Transport & General Eng, Hick Bros. and more…

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