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Wood Processing Chains

Considered the experts in wood processing chains for sawmills, pulp and paper, OSB and dry board manufacturers, Supply Services Limited stocks a huge range of high-quality wood processing conveyor chains from leading manufacturers. A full range of attachments, sprockets, and accessories are available.

Welded Steel Mill Chains

Welded steel mill chains provide an economical and superior method for conveying most materials. They are most common in the lumber, pulp & paper, plywood, OSB and other board mills. Other applications include bucket elevators and bulk material handling. Various through and induction hardening options allow you to tailor the chain to the application.

Pitch Sizes
​2.609" to 6.125"
Welded Steel Drag Chains

Welded steel drag chains provide efficient and economical service when used in chip and waste conveyors. Various through and induction hardening options allow you to tailor the chain to the application. Super Hog thick wall barrel and Whole Hog round barrel chains are available for heavy duty applications such as chip reclaims and debarker infeeds.

Pitch Sizes
​5" to 8"
Welded Steel Chain Attachments

The range of welded steel chain attachments is only limited by your imagination. The excellent field weldability of these chains make it easy to fabricate a multitude of robust attachments, providing good design and welding principles are followed. Some options are rooftops, log cradles, pusher lugs, roller lugs, side lift log chairs, slashers or whatever your application requires.

81X Trimmer Chains

81X trimmer chain in 2.609" pitch is used extensively on sawmill trim lines. Versatile, economical and light weight chain that can run at relatively high speeds. Heavy duty 81XH & chrome hardened pin 81X-CHP versions. 304SS and 316SS chains for dip tank and other corrosive environments.

Pitch Sizes
Roof Top Chains

Roof top chains are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Chain caps are available made from steel, rubber and plastic or with rollers for the lowest friction coefficient. 81X-A, 81X-R, 81X-UP, WR78-UP, WR78-URT, WR78-4URT, WR78-RTN, WR124-URT, H78A, H78B, H130, H138.

Pitch Sizes
​1.63" to 4.063"​
Refuse Flight Chains

Refuse flight chains are used for long sprocket centre distance conveying of refuse products in non-abrasive environments such as sawdust and woodchip conveyors. The chain is fitted with 100mm square low friction UHMWPE covered attachments to move the product.

Chain Flights
Lined box sections
Bin Sorter Chains

Bin sorter chains are used to conveyor the scanned boards to the appropriate graded bin. Typical bin sorter chains with polyurethane J-hooks are ANSI 3939 (8” pitch) and 9” pitch, 15,000lb BS roller conveyor chain. Drop sorters typically use ANSI C2100H chain.

Debarker Chains

Debarker chains fall into three categories: (1) flail chain, ring chain for mobile chippers. (2) cast chain, for various machines in alloy or manganese steel c/w through hardened 4140 pins. (3) Twin strand, welded steel chain c/w hardened steel cradles.

Sharp Chains

6” pitch block and bar sharp chains are heavy duty industrial chains used for accurate high volume primary breakdown of logs through the bandsaws. These are precision made and run on special plastic beds and purpose designed hardened sprockets.

Double Length Infeed & Auto-Rotation Conveyors

These chains are heavy duty cranked link roller chains with precision located log cradle attachments. They are used for the scanning and optimisation of logs before the bandsaws. In-house CAD design and fabrication services are available.

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