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Conveyor Chains

Supply Services Limited stocks the most comprehensive range of standard and industry specific conveyor chains in New Zealand. Complemented by our full range of attachments, sprockets, and accessories, all fully customised to meet your requirements. Learn more about our extensive range of conveyor chains below.

Cast Conveyor Chains

Cast conveyor chains are available either cranked linked style (H Class) or straight side bar style (C Class). Normally cast in malleable iron, alloy steel or manganese steel. The C Class chains have carbon steel outer side bars which allow welding of attachments. Some common examples are H78, H82, C55, C188, C131, C102B and the rooftop series H78A, H78B, H130, H138, C55A, C55B, C55D.

Pitch Sizes
​1.630" to 8.000"​
Drop Forged Conveyor Chains

Drop forged conveyor chains are also known as en-masse chains: versatile and simple chains with high strength and high wear resistance. Capable of conveying a multitude of products on inclines up to vertical and temperatures up to 1000 °C (depending on the chain alloy selected). The conveyor can be totally enclosed and very compact. 102mm, 142mm and 260mm pitch.

Pitch Sizes
​102, 142, 260mm​
Steel Pintle Chains

Steel pintle chains are open barrel and were originally developed for the agricultural industry. They are high-strength and great for applications such as spreaders, feeder systems and spray boxes where sticky substances such as fertiliser would otherwise seize a closed barrel type chain. Common steel pintle chains are 662, 667X, 667K, and 88K.

Pitch Sizes
​1.664" to 2.609"​​
Sewerage Treatment Chains

Sewerage treatment chains may either be steel or plastic. The plastic chains are becoming more common due to their resistance to corrosion, light weight and ease of installation. For example, PC720S (6.000” pitch) or PC78 (2.609” pitch) chains. Their metal counterparts being WR720S and WR78.

Pitch Sizes
2.609" to 6.050"
Long Link Conveyor Chains

Long link conveyor chains are available in both imperial & metric configurations in a range of pitch sizes. Round, oval & square link profiles to suit different applications. Available in alloy steels, manganese, with through or case hardened options. High hardness, reduced elongation, resistant to shock loading.

Pitch sizes
Rivetless Conveyor Chains

Rivetless conveyor chains are drop forged from carbon steel, normalised, heat treated and quenched. This very simple chain design allows for tool free assembly or disassembly at any pitch in the chain. The standard chain allows for general applications, whereas the X-Series is specifically designed for overhead trolley conveyors.

Pitch Sizes
3, 4, 6 & 9"​
Metric Conveyor Chains

Metric conveyor chains are made according to three different European style standards: DIN8167, DIN 8165 and SMS 1698. They are multi-purpose straight side bar conveyor chains useful for a multitude of applications. Pitches vary from 40mm to 500mm and ultimate tensile strengths from 40kN to 900kN.

Pitch Sizes
​40mm to 500mm​
Double Flex Chain

Double flex chains are Bi-Planer in nature & are designed to flex in two directions. They usually run around a horizontal radius & then return under the conveyor. Applications would be bottling conveyors, log turning and taking lumber around a bend. Common chains are malleable CC600 and DF3500.

Pitch Sizes
BS Roller Conveyor Chains

BS roller conveyor chains generally to BS4116.Pt4.1992 are multi-purpose straight side bar conveyor chains useful for a multitude of applications. Pitches vary from 50.8mm (2”) to 381mm (15”) and ultimate tensile strengths from 26.7kN (6,000lb) to 750kN (170,000lb).

Pitch Sizes
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