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Industrial Magnets

Innovative Magnetic Technologies (IMT) magnets provide continuous protection for processing equipment by removing ferrous tramp materials, preventing costly equipment damage and product contamination. Quality at the Core!

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Industrial Magnets
Suspended Plate Magnets

Suspended Permanent Plate Magnets extract ferrous tramp metal from belt conveyor applications. Can be upgraded to a cross belt separator or utilize the AMS stand.

Actuated Maintenance System

Installing a Suspended Plate Magnet with the Actuated Maintenance System allows operators to effortlessly remove captured tramp metal from the separators surface.

Cross Belt & Overband Magnetic Separators

The Cross Belt Magnetic Separator is a suspended magnet with a continuously running belt that strips off captured tramp metal and discharges off the side or end of a conveyor line.

Magnetic Plate Separators

Magnetic Plate Separators provide a dependable means of tramp metal extraction in chute applications. Self cleaning options available.

Electromagnetic Separators

Suspended Electromagnetic Separators capture tramp from conveyed materials with deep burden depths, high bulk densities, and high belt speeds.

Grate Magnets

Powerful Magnetic Grate Separators capture ferrous contaminants from dry, free flowing material in chutes. Custom sizes and configurations available.

Vibratory Magnetic Separators

Reduce metal detector trips on vibratory conveyors and feeders by capturing ferrous material.

Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys continuously separate tramp iron contaminants from conveyor belt systems. Reliable and maintenance free operation.

Magnetic Drum Separators

Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators remove ferromagnetic particles from a wide range of free-flowing bulk and granular materials in high volumes.

Vertical Magnetic Conveyors

Convey ferrous materials, parts and components at any angle from horizontal to vertical within a minimal foot print.

Permanent Magnetic Rakes

Permanent Magnetic Rakes are used to extract tramp metal in material on a conveyor system where tramp metal has been detected.

Industrial Magnetic Sweepers

Remove tramp metal and foreign ferrous objects from work areas to improve workplace safety and prevent damage to vehicles and equipment.

Wet Drum Separators

Wet Drum Separators recover ferromagnetic material from slurries in applications such as Heavy Media and Iron Ore concentration.

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