Specialty Wear Plates

A range of specialty wear plate materials designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase service life. Available in Hardox, Armour-X, Mangalloy and engineering plastics such as UHMWPE and Nylon. Contact us to discuss your requirements as there is a wide range of industry specific applications these materials can be utilised for.

UHMWPE Premium

UHMWPE Premium is our superior abrasion resistant grade of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Enhanced with silicone (XLS) for release and slip, or with glass (GXL) for unparalleled wear resistance. All XL grades are crosslinked and UV stabilised.

Orange & Grey
Polyslick™ XL
LT Service Temp
Hardox® 400 Wear Plate

Hardox® wear plate cuts down on weight and extends the service life of steel structures in comparison with regular steel. The extreme wear resistance has always been key to the success of Hardox® wear plate. Today it is harder and tougher than ever, and able to withstand heavy impact without permanent deformation or cracking.

4.0 – 130 mm
ARMOUR-X® Wear Plate

ARMOUR-X® wear plate reduces costs by extending wear life and reducing installation frequency. The superior abrasion resistance of ARMOUR-X® is achieved through 21st century alloy steel technology. The result is a formable, weldable wear plate in the 450BHN range that offers abrasion resistance almost twice that of conventional 500BHN grades.

​6mm to 25mm
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