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Bearings & Bushes

Industry leading composite bushing materials and harsh environment bearings suitable to a large range of New Zealand industries. Check our Engineering Plastics range for a full selection of materials that can also be used for bushings and bearings.

CAN-AM 2500 Series Bearings

CAN-AM bearings are seven-piece, heavy duty bearing assemblies proven to reduce maintenance time on your site. Replaceable bushing inserts available in four different materials. Two or four bolt options. Excellent for log decks.

Shaft Sizes
Metric & Imperial
SN Bearing Inserts

SN bearing inserts are a quick and cheap solution to failed shaft bearings. The split bearing design allows for easy replacement, eliminating shaft disassembly. Will fit SN511 to SN528 housings and shafts from 40mm to 100mm (metric & imperial).

Shaft Sizes
Metric & Imperial
ADCOMP® XPL Kiln Cart Bushes

ADCOMP® XPL kiln cart bushes offer far greater temperature resistance and load ratings than heat stabilised nylon bushes. Extend bearing life and eliminate greasing. Substantially reduce operating costs in high temperature lumber drying kilns.

Shaft Sizes
Metric & Imperial
Tristar CJ & FCJ Bearings

Light weight, high strength, fatigue resistant CJ composites are the ideal bearing choice for non-lubricated, high load/low speed applications. CJ bearings provide excellent resistance to impact and shock loads and are capable of withstanding a high degree of shaft misalignment. CJ and FCJ bearings have fixed ID and OD’s and just need to be pressed into a housing. Ask us for a CJ brochure.

ACM Tribotex™

The Tribotex™ range of materials is our most popular range and has applications in almost every environment when tailored with the correct lubricating additives. Advanced resin bonded, fibre reinforced bearing material combining engineering fabrics, thermosetting resins and solid lubricants. Available in the form of tube, sheet or fully machined parts.

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