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Engineering Plastics

Our comprehensive selection of premium engineering plastics and industrial composites are widely utilised across many New Zealand industries. From bottle filling plants to bridge building, underground mining to outer space; our high-performance engineering plastics keep things moving.

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Engineering Plastics
High Performance Materials

Our high performance plastic materials are suitable for applications up to 300°C. The range includes PTFE, PEEK, PVDF, PSU, PPSU, PEI, PPS, PBI, PAI, and PI. Various stock shapes plus a range of modified grades.

Engineering Materials

Our engineering plastic materials are suitable for applications up to 120°C. The range includes extruded and cast Nylons, Acetal POM, Polycarbonates, PBT, PET, plus a wide selection of modified grades.

Standard Materials

Our standard plastic materials are suitable for applications up to 90°C. The range includes UHMWPE, HMWPE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS, PPE, Acrylic, Polyurethane and Polypropylene.

Composite & Laminate Materials

Thermoset plastic industrial laminates are uniformly dense and structurally strong materials that will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat. They are extremely durable plastics that are lightweight and moisture resistant.

Specialty Materials

A range of application specific, specialist products in many different materials, dimensions, shapes and colours. From chopping boards to playgrounds or signage, the applications are endless.

Anti-Skid Products

Various grades of non-skid or anti-skid products for industrial and commercial applications. Great products to ensure employee health and safety in and around slippery areas.

Truck Liners

Slippery-Deck® – the original truck and trailer deck lining solution for NZ. Our super slippery truck deck liners are manufactured in the USA from premium grades of PE polymer. Eliminate sticking, reduce carry back, stop shoveling, improve your productivity and make more money!

Change Parts

Accurate, machine-matched bottle filling change parts. Make downtime a thing of the past with our cutting-edge probe and laser scanning service to digitise your production line. One site visit for digital measuring, followed by CAD design, CNC machining and onsite install. Perfect parts.

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