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Roller Chains

An extensive line-up of roller chains to suit specific industries and a multitude of applications. From agriculture to sawmills, clean room to salt water environments, we have the industrial chain types to keep your business moving. Simplex, duplex, triplex, plus sprockets and accessories. Explore our roller chains below to learn more.

British Standard Roller Chains

British standard roller chains from CAN-AM has proven itself to be a superior performer in applications involving high impact, abrasive contaminants and long duty cycles.

Pitch Size
​1/4" to 3"
American Standard Roller Chains

American standard roller chains from CAN-AM are precision manufactured to exceed ANSI B29.1 standards and designed to last longer than other manufacturers chain.

Pitch sizes
1/4" to 3"
Straight Sidebar Roller Chains

Straight sidebar roller chains are identical with the standard chains except for the straight side plates. These provide conveyor capabilities and higher fatigue resistance.

Pitch Sizes
3/8" to 3"​​
Sharp Top Roller Chains

Sharp top roller chains are used for positive grip and quick acceleration of product. Commonly used in the sawmill environment. Many types of profiles exist in both ANSI and BS standards.

Pitch Sizes
​3/4" to 2"
Double Pitch Roller Chains

Double pitch roller chains are an economical alternative to standard chain but require specific sprockets. They are available in Drive Series, Conveyor Series and Carrier Roller style.

Pitch Sizes
1" to 4"
Hollow Pin Roller Chains

Hollow pin roller chains allow for unlimited conveyor versatility, enabling easy insertion of cross rods or attachments to the chain at the desired spacing to suit your conveying requirements.

Pitch Sizes
​1/2" to 2"​
Leaf Chains

Leaf chains are well suited for any application requiring flexible, high strength linkages for reciprocating motion or lifting at relatively low speeds. Available in AL, BL and LL leaf chain series.

Pitch Sizes
​1/2" to 2 1/2"
Side Bow Roller Chains

Side bow roller chains provide extra clearance between pins, bushings and link plates to allow freedom of operation around a curve or a twist.

Pitch Sizes
1/2" to 1 1/2"
Self Lube Roller Chains

Self lube roller chains feature a unique sintered bush design that comes pre-loaded with lubricant. They are especially useful when oil cannot be used in the environment.

Pitch Sizes
1/2" to 2"​
Agricultural Roller Chains

Agricultural roller chains available in S, A and CA styles. Available either in the standard black finish or zinc plated for better protection from the elements.

Pitch Sizes
29.2mm to 66.2mm​
Aqua Proof Roller Chains

Aqua proof roller chains have a clear corrosion resistant coating. Particularly good around brine and damp environments. Not suitable where chain may contact food.

Pitch Sizes
​1/2" to 2"​
Stainless Steel Roller Chains

Stainless steel roller chains in 304SS for medium strength, medium corrosion resistance. 316SS for low strength, high corrosion resistance. 600SS for high strength, low corrosion resistance.

Pitch Sizes
5/16" to 1"
Nickel Plated Roller Chains

Nickel plated roller chains are ideal for outdoor operations where machinery & equipment might run in a lightly corrosive atmosphere or where a good chain appearance is required.

Pitch Sizes
​3/8" to 1 1/4"
ANSI Heavy Roller Chains

ANSI Heavy roller chains provide greater shock and wear resistance, plus high breaking strength for general purpose applications. Side plate thickness is equal to the next larger ANSI chain.

Pitch Sizes
​3/4" to 3"
ANSI Double Capacity Chains

ANSI Double capacity chains are a compact design for heavy duty, low speed applications. Their design is based on the same ultimate tensile strength as a double strand chain.

Pitch Sizes
1" to 4"
ANSI Oil Field API Chains

ANSI Oil Field chains are manufactured in accordance with API standards, approved for high quality, reliability and long trouble free service life. Also available as API Heavy Series.

ANSI Super Chains

ANSI super chains are designed for long life and low life-cycle cost. Made with high grade special alloy steel and exacting fits to ensure greater resistance to shock and fatigue.

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