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Shark Fin™ Board Turning Systems

The Shark Fin™ Board Turning System from our North American manufacturer is totally non-mechanical and designed to have singulated boards automatically turn over in front of each grader. Concentrate on grading, not material handling. Shark Fin™ provides a wide range of grader benefits and eliminates carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries. Supply Services has deployed numerous Shark Fin™ systems across Australasia since 1999.

Shark Fin Board Turning Lugs

Available in several profiles for your specific needs, and can be colour coded for each Grader.

Shark Fin Board Turning Stars

All Shark Fin™ components are manufactured from high-impact Double Pulp Safe polyurethane to ensure your products are protected from marking, dents, grease, and oil.

Shark Fin Board Turning – Overview

Shark Fin™ is designed to have singulated boards put onto lugs on the grading table and automatically turn the boards over in front of each grader.

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