Medical Grade Plastics

Man holding tecason p mt medical grade plastics

This is Rowan Cicero, one of our Auckland based team holding some high performance medical grade TECASON P MT (PPSU) plastic. This plastic is certified for biocompatibility.

These premium grade materials are from our supplier Ensinger.


The fields of application are vast, spanning many medical segments like joint reconstruction, traumatology and spine. TECASON P MT is often used for surgical instruments, tool handles. Implant trials including femoral and tibial components for knee, hip, and shoulder replacement processes as well as for a vast number of sterilisation trays and caddies.


We stock a range of TECASON P MT in various colours so medical designers have a choice of colour selection for parts. Additionally we can supply another grade of this material but X-ray impermeable for X-ray detection. The bottom right photo shows TECASON P MT used for knee replacement trials, more of which can be read about here.


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