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adcomp xpl kiln cart bushes - Supply Services

ADCOMP® XPL Kiln Cart Bushes

ADCOMP® XPL kiln cart bushes have been specifically designed for high temperature kiln kart applications. ADCOMP® XPL is a high-performance polymer containing additives to reduce friction, resist abrasive wear & provide lubrication. ADCOMP® XPL​ offers far greater temperature resistance & load ratings than traditional heat stabilised nylon bushes.

  • Superior service temperature rating
  • Able to withstand high static & dynamic loads
  • A registered trademark of Supply Services Limited
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​ADCOMP® XPL​ kiln cart bushes are manufactured from an advanced high performance polymer resin that can operate at modern drying kiln temperatures. Designed to be used in demanding environments while being able to maintain its physical properties & still provide excellent wear & abrasion resistance.


​ADCOMP® XPL​ kiln cart bushes​ offers more than just high temperature & steam tolerance. Designed to handle high static loads & dynamic loads.​ ADCOMP® XPL​ is the perfect choice for kiln cart applications & are proven in the field.

​Reduced Operational Costs

​ADCOMP® XPL​ kiln cart bushes​ last longer. They eliminate the use & cost of grease, the cost of labour to do the greasing & eliminate wheel & pin rebuild costs. Customers who have been replacing traditional nylon bushes every 3-4 months, with ADCOMP® XPL​ are now replacing every few years significantly reducing maintenance costs.


​ADCOMP® is a registered trademark of Supply Services Limited.

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