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Grate Magnets | Supply Services

Grate Magnets

IMT MGS Series grate magnets excel at capturing unwanted ferrous metals in applications such as vertical chutes, hopper bin bottoms, railcar loadouts, and loadout spouts. As the product flows through the grates, tramp contaminants are exposed to the strong magnetic field projecting from the tubes and removed from the flow.

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Grate Magnets | Supply Services


Tire shredding

Auto shredding

Electronic waste

Pallet recycling

Glass cullet



Hog fuel

Wood pellets

Foundry sand

Pulp processing




All grates are custom made and have the flexibility to fit virtually any shape of hopper or chute.

Drawer Style

Drawer style grate magnets are used in chutework and ducts. Inspecting and cleaning the magnetic elements is easy performed by sliding out the grate drawer from the housing.

Self Cleaning

For applications with a high frequency of tramp metal contaminants, the MGS Self-Cleaning models use a motor to withdraw the magnetic core within the tubes to operate the cleaning cycle. This configuration is also especially useful in hard to access areas and remote operations.


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