Vertical magnetic conveyors

Vertical Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic Conveyors are a superior alternative to traditional conveying methods, such as bucket and incline conveyors. Magnetic Conveyors convey ferrous materials, parts and components at any angle from horizontal to vertical within a minimal foot print. Additional advantages to utilising the IMT Magnetic Conveyors is reduced product degradation, superior dust control, and lower total cost of ownership.


    Lower capital investment

    Minimal spare parts

    Less maintenance required

    Increased productivity

    Reduced power consumption

    Guaranteed magnetic strength

    Product retained through power fluctuations

    Minimal footprint

    No power consumption for magnetic bed

    Simple to service

    In use

    Vertical Magnetic Conveyors | Supply Services


    Screws, nails, and other fasteners

    Automotive parts

    Industrial parts

    OEM equipment components

    Bulk handling

    Mining and mineral progressing




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