Slippery-Deck® Liners installed by Inovit Limited, Hamilton.

Another installation of one of our Slippery-Deck® Liners was completed recently by Inovit Limited, Hamilton.

They installed a new Slippery-Deck liner into one of their customers Komatsu 40 tonne dump trucks. Great work Inovit!

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What does Inovit Limited do and who runs it?

Inovit Ltd is an engineering and fabrication business located in Hamilton that specialises in steel, stainless steel, & high grade engineering polymer.

They provide artistically designed furniture, functional workplace tools, reliable and aesthetic commercial products, and anything in between, just like installing these slippery truck deck liners made from UHMWPE.

Their goal is to provide their customers with the most cost effective, sustainable solutions to their engineering and fabrication requirements.

Owned and operated by Darren Laubscher who has 27 years experience in a wide range of industries including mining, general and precision engineering, steel fabrication, construction and food processing.

He has worked for some of the biggest companies in NZ such as Fonterra and Fletcher building.

Darren holds an MBA and Post Graduate Diploma Management Studies from the University of Waikato, as well as a National Diploma in Production Management.

Another Slippery-Deck®Truck Liner installed by Inovit

Inovit have now installed over a dozen Slippery-Deck® Liners for their customers.

This installation was for one of their local Tauranga clients who is currently hauling sticky clay content.

Slippery-Deck Heavy Duty (HD) was selected for installation, recommended for the most demanding of applications.

Eliminate sticking, reduce carry back, stop shoveling, improve your productivity and possibly make more money!

First up, collecting the Slippery-Deck® Liner from Supply Services over at Mount Maunganui

Collecting slippery deck truck liners from supply services limited

Measure, cut, & counter-sink drill the Slippery-Deck® Liner

Cutting up Slippry Deck truck liners for dump truck fitting
Pre-drilling holes for installation of slippery deck truck liners

Weld the Slippery-Deck® Truck Liner into place using weld washers

Darren getting ready to weld the weld washers to the sub structure to hold slippery deck truck liners in place

Installation takes about 2-3 days for a dump truck of this size

Slippery deck uhmwpe liner fitted to a large dump truck by Inovit Ltd

Looking for a truck liner installer?

Why not call Darren at Inovit Ltd. if you are in the Tauranga or Waikato regions.  07 391 0019.

They can supply and install our full range of Slippery-Deck® Truck Liners.

Check out a recent blog post by Supply Services about our super slippery truck liners for New Zealand truckers.

Why Use Slippery-Deck® Truck Liners?

Virtually eliminates sticking

• Loads slide out easier

• Dump loads quicker

• Reduce wear and tear

• Move more loads and make more money

Slippery-Deck® will dramatically reduce your tipping angle

• Tip under warehouse roofs!

• Tip under power lines!

• Reduce chances of a roll over!

Slippery-Deck® Liners are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty

• Full warranty for durability and protection.

Frequently asked questions

What is UHMWPE?

UHMWPE stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It is the most abrasion resistant grade of polyethylene by far and is often referred to as the worlds toughest polymer.


Where is Slippery-Deck® made?

Slippery-Deck® is made in the USA by Polymer Industries Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing of polyolefins.


How much weight will a Slippery-Deck® Liner add to my trailer?

The standard 12.7mm x 3,050mm product will add approximately 40kg per metre of Liner.


How long will a Slippery-Deck® Liner last?

This depends on what you are dumping, and how often and the condition of your deck. Generally speaking a HD-HT liner will last 2x longer than steel and 4x longer than aluminium.


Can a Slippery-Deck® Liner be repaired?

Yes. Liners sometimes get damaged by diggers buckets etc. We can cut pieces out and weld new pieces in.


Is there anything I shouldn’t put on a Slippery-Deck® Liner?

Sharp objects like demolition material can damage or puncture a Liner. If you have to occasionally cart this type of material then you can put down a layer of finer crushed material first.


How long does it take to install a Slippery-Deck® Liner?

An experienced team of 2 people can install a Liner in 4-8 hours.


How is a Slippery-Deck® Liner held in my trailer?

Normally the Liner is bolted through the deck at the head board and sits under a steel or aluminium cap that runs down each side of the walls. Plastic Liners expand and contract with changes in temperature during the day, so they can only be fastened at one end. The alternative, as is done in OFF ROAD Liners, is to completely fasten them down.


What can I do to make my Slippery-Deck® Liner last longer?

Check the Liner regularly and remove any material such as stones that may have gotten underneath it (your installer can show you how to do this). Foreign matter under the Liner will cause high spots that will prematurely wear through.

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