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Specialty Materials

Specialty materials are generally intended for a specific purpose and may come with a particular surface finish or an internal modification. We stock a large range of these materials and can also machine them to your requirements. Applications for specialty materials cover food cutting boards, play grounds, pleasure boat parts, signage boards, privacy partitions, light-weight panels for automotive, skate board ramps and much more! Please contact us for further technical information and availability.

Densetec™ Cutting Board

Densetec™ Cutting Board is engineered for durability, low maintenance and safety. Its textured, matte surface safely holds food in place without slipping. The bright "natural" colour is favoured for its sanitary look. By colour coding the food to the colour of the Densetec™ Cutting Board such as blue for fish, red for red meat, yellow for poultry, etc., the risk of spreading micro-organisms is greatly diminished.

Densetec™ Playground Board

Densetec™ Playground Board is making a big splash in the playground industry. The variety of bright contrasting colours make it perfectly suited to this environment where high impact colours are required. Because the colour is embedded in the sheet, it never needs painting. Especially with the rigors of child play on the equipment this material must be tough! It generally lasts much longer than wood.

Densetec™ Sign Board

Densetec™ Sign Board is manufactured by extruding one colour on the inside and a contrasting colour on the outside. The layers are combined while the material is still molten. The result is a superior homogenous sheet that is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack or chip. The durable textured finish resists scratches and marring. The product is UV stabilized to resist deterioration in harsh outdoor environments, making it the perfect signage material.

Densetec™ Marine Board

Densetec™ Marine Board is specially formulated to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor marine environments. It is UV-stabilised to resist damage and retain its beauty, even after years of direct sunlight. Increasingly, Densetec™ Marine Board is replacing wood and laminates in boating applications.

Densetec™ Partition Board

Densetec™ Partition Board is the ideal partition material for a wide variety of commercial applications such as schools, parks, stadiums, office buildings and airports. The durability of the material makes it immune to such problems as vandalism and constant traffic.

Densetec™ Post Industrial LW

Densetec™ Post Industrial Light Weight is a utility grade sheet material that is approximately 20% lighter than standard weight HD-PE sheet. The material employs a foamed core capped with full weight skin to achieve weight reduction. A thickness of 12mm weighs only 0.69g/cm3 and absorbs virtually no moisture.

Densetec™ Shield

Densetec™ Shield is a product specially designed for nuclear shielding applications. The material employs 5% Boron by weight to shield neutrons in a variety of applications including high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants.

Densetec™ Pipe Grade PE100 Sheet

Densetec™ Pipe Grade is a higher molecular weight material than standard HD-PE. The material displays improved performance in a variety of piping applications. UV stabilised and ideal for use in outdoor applications. Densetec™ HD-PE Pipe Grade can be used in a variety of applications including manhole lids and bottoms, pipe reducers, trenches, sumps, pipe flanges, pipe end caps, tanks, milled flange adapters and lifting lugs.

Rocket Plate™

Need more slip from your current UHMWPE sheet? The unique bubble surface of Rocket Plate™ creates point contact that considerably lowers the coefficient of friction. Rocket Plate™ can be used anywhere where you have to move large flat surfaced objects such as panels and boxes or under conveyor belts.

Shot-Blocker™ Bullet Resistant Sheet

Shot-Blocker™ is resistant to projectiles, ricochet, heat and fire. It is a self extinguishing thermoset composite that will not catch fire or give off toxic smoke when exposed to intense heat, making it ideal for all types of civilian and military/defence applications. Shot-Blocker™ can be manufactured in five levels of bullet resistance depending on the weapon threat and security function. Meets UL-752 standards.

Guide Rails & Wear Strips

Guide rails, wear strips & profiles made from UHMWPE for the bottling and packaging industries. Stainless steel inserts allow the profile to be welded into place. Others can be riveted or screwed down. Contact our team.

Chanex® Chain Guides & Profiles

Chanex® chain guides & profiles are available for a wide variety of chain sizes. Enables low cost conveyor construction. Standard or custom profiles.

​10ft & 20ft sections
SkatePlate 3000™

This tough, non-splintering surface is wear resistant, abrasion resistant, and moisture resistant and tailored specifically for skate parks. The low thermal expansion and contraction of SkatePlate 3000™ handles extreme changes in temperature and provides an excellent wear resistance for long life, in either indoor or outdoor environments. The material has a special matt surface texture engineered for skate boarding requirements.

Chanex® Oregon Bends

Chanex® Oregon Bends manufactured from UHMWPE are excellent low cost alternatives to sprockets on the bottom of board singulators. Various sizes are available for 81X, H78 and WH78 series chains.

​2", 3", 3.5", 4" & 4.5"
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