Drop Forged Chains

Drop Forged Conveyor Chains

Drop forged conveyor chains or en-masse chains are versatile, simple chains offering high strength & wear resistance. Capable of conveying a multitude of products on inclines up to vertical and at temperatures of up to 1000 °C (depending on the chain alloy selected). The conveyor design can be totally enclosed and very compact. Available pitches are 102mm, 142mm and 260mm.
Conveying inclines up to 90 degrees
Ideal for conveying free-flowing bulk materials
Allows for total enclosed design with easily replaced components


​Pitch Sizes

​102, 142, 260mm


​Standard, Heavy, Double & Triple Series


​To Suit

Bolts & Parts Available​


​Attachments Available


​Sprockets Available



​High Temperatures

Drop Forged Conveyor Chains are used in a wide range of NZ industries involving high temperature applications. ​Chains can be supplied in case hardened materials such as stainless steels and high nickel suitable for operation up to 1000°C.

Flexible Design

Drop Forged Conveyor Chains allow for flexible designs of a single conveyor system to replace multiple ​units such as feeders & bucket elevators. With the ability to convey large quantities of materials at high speed in an enclosed space up to 90 degrees these chains are ideal for many applications.

​Different Styles

​The most common styles are the 102, 142 & 260 mm pitch versions. These chains are available in standard or heavy configurations (which allow for higher working loads & breaking strength), & single, double or triple strand configurations. Can be manufactured in a range of materials to suit your requirements.


​A range of industry standard flights are available with non-standard custom flights available on request. Flight type is determined by the material to be conveyed and the incline. Flights are available in a range of materials such as mild steel, alloys, stainless steels & high nickel. Engineering plastics also available.

​​Pins & Bolts​

A range of chain pins & bolts in different styles & a range of materials to suit your application. Alloy steels, stainless steels & hardened steels. Chain bolts available in a range of fasteners such as clamp washers, washers with cotter or split pins & ring bolts.


​Depending on your application & chain selection either symmetrical or non-symmetrical sprockets or idler rims are required. A full range of options are available including split-type sprocket options & replacement teeth. Sprockets are available in a range of materials, heat treatments & hardness.


We have manufacturing & supply arrangements in-place with industry leading chain manufacturers allowing us to source Drop Forged Conveyor Chains based on your application requirements. We can source your chain based on quality, materials, price or delivery deadlines.


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