Roller Chain Connector Links, Joiners and Pins

Supply Services Limited stocks a large range across our three nationwide branches of CAN-AM roller chain connector links and joiners to suit American Standard (ASA/ANSI) and British Standard (BS) simplex, duplex & triplex roller chains.

We are able to supply larger connecting links on request up to 10-strand decaplex roller chains.

Our available range includes connecting links in spring or cotter pin type, complete roller links, single or two-pitch offset links.

These are available in carbon steel, zinc plated or self-lubricating variants.

What Roller Chain Connector Links and Joiners Do We Stock?

Spring Clip Connecting Link

The two pins and one link plated are assembled. The cover plate is designed for a split-fit on the pins. It is held in place by a flat spring steel lock, split at one end for installation in grooves at the end of each pin. Press-fit cover plates are available for heavy duty applications.

Connecting Link Spring Clip

Cottered Connecting Link

The two pins and one link plate are assembled. The cover plate may be either press-fit or slip-fit on the pins. Press-fit connecting links are recommended for heavy duty applications.

cotter pin connecting link

S Pin Connecting Link

Same as the above cottered connecting link, except using S pins.

s pin connecting link

Through S Pin Connecting Link

Same as above, but with through S pin.

through s pin connecting link

Roll Pin Connecting Link

Same as above, but with roll pins.

roll pin connecting link

Offset or Cranked Connecting Link – Single-Pitch

These are single pitch offset connecting links (often referred to as crank links). The link is supplied with a cotter pin in the offset link plates. The flat milled on one end of the pin prevents it from rotating in the link plate.

offset cranked connecting link

Offset or Cranked Connecting Link – Two-Pitch

This type is available for all sizes of standard simplex strand chain. It consists of an offset link and roller link assembled together. The pin is press-fit in the offset link plates and is riveted. The press-fit construction of this assembly greatly increases its structural rigidity, reliability and durability. The two-pitch offset connecting link is recommended in preference to the single-pitch offset connecting link.

two pitch offset connecting link


What Roller Chain Parts Do We Stock?

Roller Links

Standard for all sizes of roller chains. They are supplied as complete roller chain link assemblies. The two bushings are press-fit in each of the link plates. The same roller link is used for single and multi-strand chains.

Roller Link

Riveted Pin Link

riveted pin link

Cottered Pin Link

cottered pin link

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Our extensive line-up of suits specific industries and a multitude of applications. From agriculture to sawmills, clean-room to saltwater environments, we have the chain to keep your business moving. Simplex, duplex, triplex, plus sprockets and accessories. Off the shelf or made to order.

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