Truck Liners for Dump Trucks

We recently installed our Slippery-Deck® Truck Liners into a 40 tonne dumper.

Slippery-Deck® – the original truck liner solution for NZ. Our super slippery truck deck liners are manufactured in the USA from premium grades of polyethylene polymer.

Eliminate sticking, reduce carry back, stop shoveling, improve your productivity and make more money!

dump truck with uhmwpe truck liner installed
truck liners slippery deck

This dumper is fitted with our Slippery-Deck® Heavy Duty (HD). The perfect truck liner material for dump trucks.

Heavy Duty (HD) UHMWPE liners are used for the most demanding applications and is our most popular product.

It contains a small amount of re-processed UHMWPE for cost effectiveness and a release agent for enhanced non-stick properties.

It is 3-4 times more wear resistant than our Medium Duty liner.

UHMWPE truck liner installed in a dump truck

Why use our Slippery-Deck® Truck Liners?

Virtually eliminates Sticking

  • Loads slide out easier
  • Dump loads quicker
  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Move more loads and make more money

Dramatically reduce your tipping angle

  • Tip under warehouse roofs!
  • Tip under power lines!
  • Reduce chances of a roll over!

All liners are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty

  • Full warranty for durability and protection
Hopper lined with UHMWPE

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