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We Keep New Zealand Moving with our Range of Performane Engineering Products

Over the past 40+ years there is one family owned, NZ operated company that has a made a great name for itself in the manufacturing and service industries in New Zealand. Supply Services have gone from strength to strength as New Zealand’s most trusted supplier and manufacturer of industrial conveying & drive chains, performance engineering plastics, sprockets, and other attachments, which serve almost every industry in New Zealand.

Supply Services began in Auckland in 1980, working mainly as a chemical importation business with a small focus on engineering. In 1997 the chemical side of the business was sold off and Supply Services began focusing purely on the engineering aspect of the company.

The business has grown steadily since the beginning, with headquarters based out of Mt Maunganui and locations across Auckland and Christchurch, allowing them to offer complete on-the-road coverage of both the North and South islands, with the capability to provide their clients with high-level customer-facing service, reputable brands, and quality finished products.

The Supply Services team consists of 55 in-house technical specialists, designers, engineers, and manufacturers who are absolute experts in their field.

In-House Capabilities

Supply Services are well known for three main products and services: chains & sprockets, engineering plastics, and engineering services.

With New Zealand’s largest selection of conveyor chains, roller chains, sprockets, and associated accessories for drives and material handling equipment, they offer a mixture of off-the-shelf industrial chains from leading manufacturers and chains that are made to order for a specific application or industry.

Supply Services offer a comprehensive selection of premium engineering plastics and industrial composites, which are widely utilised across New Zealand industry. From bottle filling plants to bridge building, underground mining to outer space; their high performance amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastics and imidised materials can be customised and engineered into just about any part needed to keep things moving.

All three branches of Supply Services across NZ offer unbeatable service in high-performance engineering with services including (but not limited to) computer-aided design (CAD), conventional and CNC machining, cut to size plastics, reverse engineering, welding, assembly, & fabrication. All are fully stocked with engineering plastics, chains, sprockets, and associated parts. No matter where you are in the country, Supply Services have the people and the know-how needed to design and manufacture their quality finished products.

Industry Leaders

Since the company’s conception over 40 years ago, Supply Services have been a leader in what they do. By heavily investing in new technology, they have been able to keep up with the pace at which the New Zealand manufacturing and services industries grow, earning them the title of New Zealand’s most trusted supplier and manufacturer.

As well as having the best products and services, they have the best team, all of whom understand the importance of fostering long-term relationships with their suppliers, which allows them deep reach into numerous companies for technical support, and a wealth of knowledge. As a client, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the greatest level of service and quality products from a company that values innovation and high performance.

Reach Out to Them Today

Whatever you are engineering, Supply Services can solve any industry problem with a quality solution. Their technical experts are available to take on any issue and offer a full service from start to finish. Check out their website for an overview of their products and services or reach out to them for a more detailed brochure.