Anti-Skid Products

Non-skid or anti-skid sheeting products make slippery areas safer. Our range of non-skid sheeting suits heavy-duty applications where machinery needs traction, and where corrosion and chemicals may limit the effectiveness or life of other non-skid products. Typical application sectors include the military, oil & gas, diving platforms, marina’s and pleasure boats. If it needs to be tough, we have products to suit.

Densetec™ Anti Skid

Densetec™ Anti Skid incorporates an embossed surface of round or square protrusions on one side of the sheet. These protrusions are made from a high grip compound on the surface of the sheet presenting a tacky, high coefficient of friction material on the walking surface. Water drains beneath the protrusions making Densetec™ Anti Skid especially effective in wet conditions.

Ultrapoly Braxx™

This non-skid technology is a direct replacement for non-skid tape and paint for industrial applications. The product has an impact resistant base plate of UHMWPE. The surface of the sheet is covered with raised non-skid truncated domes comprised of sand or slag. Not only is the product a tactile warning surface, it also has a contrasting colour theme. Available as black dots on yellow or white dots on blue.

Ultrapoly LUNS™

Ultra Non-Skid technology initially developed for the United States Navy has been scaled down for commercial use. LUNS™, short for Lightweight Ultra Non-Skid is an exceptionally heavy duty non-skid product. It incorporates the toughness of UHMWPE with a coarse double sided black slag non-skid surface. Coloured black, in thicknesses from 10mm to 100mm.

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