A large truck with a trailer parked alongside another.
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Slippery-Deck® – Liners for Trucks

Our  slippery deck truck liners are the most sought after truck deck liners in NZ.

Our truck liners are so popular that our competitors keep infringing our trade marked brand name with the aim of deceiving you.

Don’t be fooled. Slippery-Deck® is the original truck and trailer deck lining solution for NZ.

A large truck with a trailer parked alongside another.
If they say it's like a Slippery Deck liner, then it's not a Slippery Deck liner.
Don't be fooled into buying an inferior product. Buy Slippery-Deck®
What are Slippery Deck truck deck liners?

Our slippery truck liners are specially formulated and manufactured by the world’s leading international manufacturers of polyethylene. Due to their global presence and reputation for excellence, Supply Services Limited is able to offer one of the broadest liner portfolios in NZ.

The range of Slippery-Deck® truck liner materials are suitable for lining truck decks and beds, dump trucks, dump trailers, rubbish trucks and railway carriages. We are even asked to line digger buckets, hoppers, screw conveyors; with amazing results.

Our truck liners are the widest polyethylene sheets available in the industry which results in your truck liner installation containing fewer seams, in turn eliminating weak spots. Slippery-Deck® is specifically manufactured for truck liners meaning it is designed specifically for the job at hand; to protect and extend your truck deck or dump truck life and quickly release the load.

Each installation of our super slippery truck liners is custom sized and fitted to perfectly match the truck deck or trailer profile.

Slippery-Deck® truck liners are designed for the most demanding of conditions, applications and materials that truckers can throw at them. Concrete rubble, aggregates and even asphalt can be used with our liners.

We are proud of the Slippery-Deck® brand and we have many happy customers that will only use our super slippery deck liners.

A sign with the text "SLIPPERY-DECK PLASTIC TRUCK BODY LINERS" printed on it.
What are the benefits of our super slippery truck deck liners?

Our range of Slippery-Deck® truck liners speed up unloading materials no matter if it is wet, sticky or frozen – on the first attempt. No longer do you need to raise the deck to its maximum and back-slam to release your load.

Installing our slippery truck liners will increase the lifespan of your hydraulics and brakes. It will also save your back by removing the need to shovel out the remaining load.

We offer a range of Slippery-Deck® grades and thicknesses to suit different materials being carted, temperatures and applications. One size and grade does not fit all and we know this from years of industry experience with truck liners and truckers which is why we have multiple grades of truck liner materials available.

Each grade is designed for long-life and the perfect fit to your truck deck, dump truck or rubbish truck.

Slippery-Deck® truck liners are super light weight when compared to aluminium or steel and provide much higher abrasion resistance, plus the added benefit of chemical and corrosion resistance giving you years of service.

Reduce your tipping angle, tip under warehouse roofs, outdoor overhead obstacles and above all drastically reduce your chances of a roll over on uneven ground.

Slippery-Deck® truck liners virtually eliminate sticking allowing loads to slide out quicker and easier. This allows your to move more loads and make more money.

Slippery-Deck® Black in a heavy duty UHMW-PE polymer applied to the truck bed.
What are our most common slippery truck deck liners?

Slippery-Deck® Black

Slippery-Deck® Black is a heavy duty UHMW-PE polymer for demanding applications. Our most popular product. Slippery-Deck® Black is a virgin UHMW-PE polymer combined with a release agent for enhanced sliding properties. It is 2-3 times more wear resistant than aluminium and UV resistant.

  • THICKNESS: 12.5mm
  • WIDTH: 3050mm
  • LENGTH: up to 50m
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Excellent (100)

Slippery-Deck® Premium Blue

Slippery-Deck® Premium Blue is an enhanced UHMW-PE polymer for improved wear and impact resistance for the ultimate in performance. It is UV stabilised and also has EU and FDA approval for contact with food products.

  • THICKNESS: 12.5mm
  • WIDTH: 3050mm
  • LENGTH: up to 50m
  • FOOD SAFE: Yes
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Premium (120)

Slippery-Deck® White

Slippery-Deck® White is a lower cost HMW-PE polymer and only suitable for non-abrasive products such as dirt, clay, grain, wood chip, snow etc. Loads slide easier. Protects your truck deck. UV stabilised. Slippery-Deck® White is 3-4 times less wear resistant than Slippery-Deck® Black. When hauling abrasive products Slippery-Deck® Black or Premium Blue must be used.

  • THICKNESS: 9.5mm
  • WIDTH: 3000mm
  • LENGTH: up to 45m
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Low (25-33)

Slippery-Deck® High Temp

Slippery-Deck® High Temp is a heat stabilised UHMW-PE polymer formulated for working with hot products and ashpalt. Please phone to discuss your Slippery-Deck® High Temp application. High temperature applications require specific installation and operating procedures. A trial installation may be required.

  • THICKNESS: 12.5mm
  • WIDTH: 3050mm
  • LENGTH: up to 50m
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: Premium (120)

Slippery-Deck® Off Road

Custom cut to fit odd shaped dump bodies. It can be installed in any grade of Slippery-Deck® Liner. Minimum thickness is 12.5mm but it is commonly installed 15mm to 30mm thick for enhanced durability and extended life. We Stock Slippery-Deck® Liner material in 10 different thicknesses all the way up to 150mm. It can be used for liners and also machined parts.

  • THICKNESS: 12.5mm – 150mm

Slippery-Deck® Custom

Slippery-Deck ® Liner rolls can be made in thicknesses of 6mm to 15mm, widths of 3050mm to 4060mm, lengths up to 50m. This can be particularly useful for lining higher up the sidewalls of trailers or for lining the insides of large hoppers. Not to mention providing solutions to many other problems where toughness, wear resistance and a slippery surface is required.

A blue and white dump truck dumping a load of gravel into a large metal container.
Will I know anyone who has a Slippery-Deck® Liner in their truck or trailer?

Most likely as we have been fitting Slippery-Deck® Liners for 20 over years in New Zealand. These are some of our satisfied customers:

Fulton Hogan, Taylor Bros Transport, Winstone Aggregates, Stevenson Group, Higgins Contractors, P&I Pascoe, Warren McLean Cartage, J. Swap Contractors, Inframax Construction, Atlas Concrete, Firth, Road Metals, Jackson Enterprises, Transfleet Equipment, Transport & General Eng, Hick Bros, Allied Concrete and more…

Slippery Deck truck liners frequently asked questions

What is UHMW-PE?

UHMW-PE stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It is the most abrasion resistant grade of polyethylene by far and is often referred to as the worlds toughest polymer. Our UHMWPE is specifically manufactured for truck liners with the least amount of seams.

Where is Slippery-Deck® made?

Slippery-Deck® is produced by our suppliers in Germany and the USA from high quality polyethylene PE resins.

How much weight will a Slippery-Deck® Liner add to my trailer?

The standard 12.5mm x 3,050mm product will add approximately 40kg per metre of Liner.

How long will a super slippery truck deck liner last?

This depends on what you are dumping, and how often and the condition of your deck. Generally speaking a Slippery-Deck®  Black liner will last 2-3 times longer than aluminium.

Can a truck liner be repaired?

Yes. Liners sometimes get damaged by diggers buckets etc. We can cut pieces out and weld new pieces in.

Is there anything I shouldn’t put on a Slippery-Deck® truck liner?

Sharp objects like demolition material can damage or puncture a liner. If you have to occasionally cart this type of material then you can put down a layer of finer crushed material first.

How long does it take to install a truck deck liner to a truck or dump truck?

An experienced team of 2 people can install a liner in 4-8 hours.

How is a Slippery-Deck® liner held in my trailer?

Normally the liner is bolted through the deck at the head board and sits under a steel or aluminium flashing that runs down each side of the walls. Plastic liners expand and contract with changes in temperature during the day, so they can only be fastened at one end. The alternative, as is done in Off Road liners, is to completely fasten them down.

What can I do to make my Slippery-Deck® Liner last longer?

Check the liner regularly and remove any material such as stones that may have gotten underneath it (your installer can show you how to do this). Foreign matter under the liner will cause high spots that will prematurely wear through.

Can I get Slippery-Deck® liners in any other colours?

Yes. Black, blue and white are the standard colours but if you need a corporate colour we can do that too. You may have already seen our dark grey, red and light blue liners on the road.

Can I put hot materials on my Slippery-Deck® Liner?

Hot asphalt can only be put on a Slippery-Deck® High Temp liner. Slippery-Deck® High Temp liners require special installation and operating procedures. Other Slippery-Deck® Liners can handle warm loads up to 80°C. Higher temperatures will cause structural damage to the liner. All PE liners expand as they get warm. Any warm load will create greater than normal thermal expansion which may not have been allowed for in the installation. Carry warm loads with care.

Are Slippery-Deck® Liners corrosion resistant?

Yes, all Slippery-Deck® Liners are very resistant to chemical attack. The fasteners and flashings in your Slippery-Deck® installation might not be!  If you are carting materials which may be corrosive please discuss this with your installer.

What is the warranty for our Slippery-Deck® truck deck liners?

All our super slippery truck deck liners come with a full manufacturers warranty for durability and protection.

Why have we trade marked our brand of truck liners as Slippery-Deck®?

We are one of the original and most trusted suppliers of UHMW-PE and HMW-PE materials specifically for truck deck liners in NZ. Since 1998 we have built an enviable product range and brand recognition to the NZ market.

We have found that various players in the market are trading their truck liner materials (some manufactured from inferior resins and manufacturing processes) as our Slippery-Deck® liners so we decided to protect our brand and trade mark both the name Slippery-Deck® and the Slippery-Deck® logo almost two decades ago.

If you see any company in NZ selling truck liners branded as Slippery-Deck®, we would appreciate you calling or emailing us as this is infringing on a legal trade mark.

A close-up of of a trade mark detail for Supply Services and Slippery-Deck.
A black and yellow diamond-shaped caution sign with the text "CAUTION SLIPPERY-DECK®" in the center, above a black image of a dump truck.
See below for some of our installation photos.
A truck bed lined with Slippery-Deck.
A close-up of a truck bed liner.
A yellow dump truck with blue truck bed liner.
A close-up worn and rust truck bed.
Heavy duty machinery lined with Slippery-Deck.
A truck bed lined with Slippery-Deck.

If our range of products is of interest to you please contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our team. We are located in Auckland, Mount Maunganui and Christchurch with installers located nationwide.

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A sign with the text "SLIPPERY-DECK PLASTIC TRUCK BODY LINERS" printed on it.