Orange and blue CAN-AM bearings.

CAN-AM 2500 Series Bearings

​CAN-AM 2500 Series Bearings are the perfect choice for on or around log decks, debarkers, roll cases, log stop & turners or any area that bearings are difficult to get at, lubricate or change out. Having a strong ductile iron housing manufactured from ASTM 536-65-45-12 provides high impact resistance. Available in 2 or 4 bolt configurations.
Replaceable bearing inserts available in four different material choices
Seven piece low profile design allows for ease of maintenance & reduced downtime
Excellent for heavy-duty log deck applications or any large slow moving shafts



Fabricated or Cast Steel

​Shaft Sizes​

Metric & Imperial

​​Bolting Options​

4 Bolt


Replaceable Bushings

​​​​Four choices of replaceable bushings to choose from such as bronze, Babbitt, zinc aluminium or self-lubricating polyurethane. Simple & easy to replace.​​

​Shaft Sizes

Available to suit a range of shafts sizes both metric from 50mm – 200mm & imperial from 2 7/16″ to 8″.


​Can be mounted in any position and available in 4 bolt configuration.

Rugged​ & Industry Proven
Reduced Downtime​
​Versatile & Economical


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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