A digital image of UHMWPE Premium sheets in grey and orange.

UHMWPE Premium

UHMWPE Premium utilises the highest available molecular weight resin of 7-9 million g/mol for very high wear resistance and high impact strength.  Further addition of glass microspheres create a superior UHMWPE product resulting in increased performance & durability. Our UHMWPE Premium products are UV stabilised.
Superior abrasion resistance
Low coefficient of friction
Promotes bulk material flow







4mm to 400mm Thick


Grey, Orange

Modified Grades


Cut To Size



Superior UHMWPE

UHMWPE Premium materials such as our OKULEN 2000 range offer a low coefficient of friction, coupled with increased wear resistance & dimensional stability.  It makes the UHMWPE Premium the UHMWPE material of choice. Widely used across New Zealand industries for material flow and conveying solutions.

Performance Choices

UHMWPE Premium OKULEN 2000 is available in either grey or orange colours to give the best contrast with the environment.  Grey is popular in hoppers while orange is often used under conveyors or rotating equipment. Both colour options are UV stabilised for extended life.


Our UHWMPE Premium OKULEN 2000 range is used in a variety of applications such as bunker & hopper liners, screw liners, silos, conveyor wear strips & conveyor chain flights, chain guides, guide rails, dock fenders, belt scrapers, vibrating chute liners, plus many more. The material of choice when standard or reprocessed grades of UHMWPE don’t meet the application requirements.

UHMWPE Premium Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-269°C to +90°C

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Comprehensive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


UHMWPE Premium Range

Product TypeDescriptionAvailable Products & Notes
UHMWPE Premium GreyGlass Filled, UV Stabilised, Grey Colour
Some items may be indent only
UHMWPE Premium OrangeGlass Filled, UV Stabilised, Orange ColourSheet
Some items may be indent only


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