Connector Links & Pins

Connector Links & Pins

Connector links in spring or cotter pin type, complete roller links, single or two-pitch offset links. Available in carbon steel, zinc plated or self-lubricating variants. A large stock of CAN-AM roller chain accessories is available to suit ANSI & BS simplex, duplex & triplex roller chains, with larger sizes on request.
ANSI & BS chain accessories
Single or two-pitch offset connecting links
Spring clips, cotter pins, S pins, roll pins

Chain Parts

Common parts which when combined make up a chain.

Roller Link
Pin Link - Riveted
Pin Link - Cottered

Connection Parts

Not all variants are shown. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Connecting Link - Spring Clip
Connecting Link - Cottered
Connecting Link - Offset (cranked)
Connecting Link - S Pin
Connecting Link - Through S Pin
Connecting Link - Roll Pin
Connecting Link - Two Pitch Offset


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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