ANSI and BS precision roller chain sprockets.

Roller Chain Sprockets

​BS & ANSI precision roller chain sprockets can be supplied with teeth that are flame heat treated, case hardened, induction hardened or not hardened at all. The surface finish can be plain, painted, zinc plated or black passivated for protection. All our off-the-shelf sprockets have induction hardened teeth.
Large range of the most commonly used simplex, duplex & triplex sprockets
Induction hardened teeth by default on all off-the-shelf sprockets
Custom design, fabrication, welding & machining services available


​Tooth Count​

5+  upwards​


Simplex, Duplex & Triplex


British or American Standard

​Boss Types

​A, B, or C

​Pilot Bored


​Machining Services



​Induction Hardened Teeth

​All our off-the-shelf roller chain sprockets as standard have induction hardened teeth to provide a longer service life. We also offer sprockets with flame, case or though heat treatments. Your application & environment will dictate your requirements.


​We carry a large range of the most commonly used roller chain sprockets in BS & ANSI, but also manufacture and import sprockets from various international suppliers to meet our clients requirements. Our stock range includes simplex, duplex & triplex sprockets. We can also supply quadplex to decuplex sprockets.

​Special Materials​

​We can source sprockets manufactured from non-standard materials such as various grades of stainless steels or heat treated plate. Due to our specialisation in engineering plastics we can also design & machine sprockets from materials such as nylons, acetals, UHMW-PE, polyurethanes & composite materials.

​Machining Services​​​

​​We offer a full range of in-house services such as profile cutting, welding, CNC machining & manual machining. We can customise your roller chain sprockets to your final fitting requirements and offer full boss, bore & keying services.​

Stock Holding

We have a wide range of off-the-shelf roller chain sprockets available ready for immediate dispatch to your site. Simplex, duplex & triplex in a variety of tooth counts.

​3rd Party Logistics

​We securely stock your roller chain sprockets at our premises, customised & machined if required, keeping the agreed stock levels & delivering on-demand to your site.​​ 



Sprocket Range

BS & ANSI roller chain sprockets available in a range of tooth counts, boss types & key ways.
Simplex, Duplex & Triplex with specials on request.
Pitch Size
British Standard (BS)American Standard (ANSI)
1/4"04BANSI 25
3/8"06BANSI 35
1/2"08BANSI 40
5/8"10BANSI 50
3/4"12BANSI 60
1"16BANSI 80
1 1/4"20BANSI 100
1 1/2"24BANSI 120
1 3/4"28BANSI 140
2"32BANSI 160
2 1/4"-ANSI 180
2 1/2"40BANSI 200
3"48BANSI 240

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