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Conveyor Chain Attachments

Conveyor Chain Attachments

Standard industry conveyor chain attachments are available, however we excel in complicated chain attachment designs that require site visits, computer aided design & drawing sign-off. This is backed up by our professional fabrication, welding & fitment services. Due to our industry experience & knowledge, our custom-made attachments can substantially increase your chain service life.

  • Industry standard & custom-made attachments to suit any industry
  • Material selection, heat treatments & hardening to suit your application
  • NZ manufactured or fitted at the factory with larger orders
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Off the Shelf


​Made to Order


Custom Designs


​Heat Treatments Available


​Special Materials Available


​Welding Services Available



​Chain Types​

​Mill, Drag, Malleable, Trimmer, OSB, Apron Feeder, Bucket Elevator, Bin Sorter, & Rivetless chains are just a few of the chains that attachments can be fitted to. Chain attachments are relevant to all industries.

​Standard Attachments​

​General industry standard attachments such as: K1, K2, K44, A1, A2, R2, RR-2, S1, F4, H1, H2, RF2, RF12, A22, slotted A22, S-2, S-2A, S-22, F2, C-1/2, C-1, C-3, C-4 & attachments made from engineering plastics.

​Specialty Attachments​

Specific to the wood processing industry such as: side lift log chairs, flat bar or square tube engineering plastic flights, log cradles, slasher attachments, cap & roller attachments for roof top chains, drag chain wing & C type attachments, trimmer & pusher lugs, bullnose attachments & a range of attachments & fittings in engineering plastics.

Standard Conveyor Chain Attachments

Just some of the standard attachments available. Full specifications with dimensions are available to download.

K1 (A1 if one side)

K2 (A2 if one side)










A22- Slotted

Wings - Drag Chain

C Type - Drag Chain

K44- Bushed Chain

S2 - Rivetless Chain

S2A - Rivetless Chain

S22 - Rivetless Chain

F2-1 - Rivetless Chain

F2-2 - Rivetless Chain

F2-3 - Rivetless Chain

Wood Processing Chain Attachments

Attachments specific to the wood processing industry. Full specifications with dimensions are available to download.

Side-Lift Log Chairs

UHMW-PE Flights - Square Tube

UHMW-PE Flights - Flat Bar

Log Cradles

Slasher Attachments

Steel Roof Top Caps

PE & PU Roof Top Caps

Nylon Roll Tops

Malleable Roof Tops

Malleable Camel Back

Trimmer Lugs

81X Pusher Lugs

Bull Nose Attachments

UHMW-PE Roller Style Lugs


While we import direct from our manufacturers, we also design,  fabricate & fit attachments in-house which gives us the widest available options for our customers.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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