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Magnetic Drum Separators | Supply Services

Magnetic Drum Separators

Magnetic Drum separators utilise a stationary magnetic core within a rotating outer shell. They are used to separate metal particles from slurries, granules or powders. These industrial magnets work on a high-volume basis for applications where there is a great deal of continuous turnover of product. These continuous self-cleaning drum magnets are ideal for applications where there is a high level of ferrous and para-magnetic contamination.

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Magnetic Drum Separators | Supply Services


Tire shredding


Auto shredding

Hog fuel

Electronic waste

Wood pellets

Pallet recycling

Slag removal from foundry sand

Glass cullet

Pulp processing



Drum Options

Enclosed drum magnets

IMT’s enclosed magnetic drum separators are perfect for gravity fed chute applications for dry, free flowing material.

Structural drum separators

IMT’s structural magnetic drum separators feature an infeed chute and splitter, and are custom designed to be installed in large conveying systems for effective tramp metal removal.

Wet drum separators

Wet drum separators are commonly used in slurry applications for mining operations with heavy media circuits and iron ore concentration .

Standalone drum

Standalone magnetics drum separators are available in high-intensity rare earth and ceramic (ferrite)materials.


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