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Steel Pintle Chains

Steel Pintle Chains

Steel pintle chains by CAN-AM were originally developed for smudgy, sticky agricultural environments & have open barrels to reduce material build-up. Generally steel pintle chains are used in applications such as spreaders, feeder systems & spray boxes. The open barrel stops seizure that would otherwise occur with a closed barrel chain.  Also for power transmission or general conveying.

  • Simple one-piece style, designed with open barrel construction
  • Widely used in applications involving sticky, clumpy materials
  • Heat treated components with riveted pins
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​​​​Pitch Size​​​s

​1.664" to 2.609"​


Cranked Link​


​10ft rolls

Rivets & Conn Links Available


​Attachments Available


​Sprockets Available




​Simple to weld industry standard attachments (A, F, K etc) in the field or at time of purchase. Custom attachments can be fabricated on request to suit any requirement.


​A versatile chain that is commonly found in agricultural applications involving materials that are sticky & clump. Spreaders, feeder systems, spray box applications, plus general power transmission & conveying.

Quality Materials​

Steel Pintle chains are ​made from quality steel and come factory standard with heat treated components for long service life.

Steel Pintle Chain Range

Pitch Size
Steel Pintle Chains
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