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Suspended Plate Magnets | Supply Services

Suspended Plate Magnets

Suspended Plate Magnets are useful across many industries for extracting ferrous contaminants from production lines. They offer exceptional efficiency as they require no energy consumption and will not fail in the case of power fluctuations or shut off. These powerful magnets are typically installed either directly above a conveyor belt line or suspended over the conveyor head pulley at the discharge point.

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Suspended Plate Magnets | Supply Services


Strength in design

The IMT magnetic core design focuses the magnetic field directly into the product stream, unlike some competitor models who are prone to project around the magnet which introduces performance challenges and loss of strength.


Unsure of how much tramp iron you will encounter? The G5 series suspended plate magnet allows operations to upgrade to continuous self-cleaning crossbelt separator option within minutes.


The SPM series magnet is the core of the G5 system which offers multiple upgrades such as cross-belt / inline self cleaning kits and the AMS actuated maintenance stand.

Suspended Plate Magnets | Supply Services

SPM Model Specifications

Belt WidthModelABCDEWeight
24SPM 2433-1010.5213024331205
30SPM 3033-1010.5273030331675
36SPM 3633-1010.5333036331870
42SPM 4233-1010.5393042332230
48SPM 4833-1010.5453048332625
54SPM 5433-1010.5513054332995
60SPM 6033-1010.5573060333335


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