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UHMWPE Reprocessed Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

UHMWPE Reprocessed

UHMWPE Reprocessed (Polyslick® BR Repro) is a cheaper grade of UHMWPE as it is manufactured with finely ground & recycled post production UHMWPE materials. The technical properties of UHMWPE Reprocessed will be slightly reduced, however the hardness will be increased when compared to UHMWPE Virgin. UHMWPE Reprocessed is black in colour & may have a speckled finished with other coloured particles visible. Ideal for applications & low-cost parts that do not require a solid black colour or the full technical properties that other UHMWPE grades offer.

  • Cost effective alternative to other UHMWPE grades
  • Retains amazing abrasion resistance & sliding properties
  • Ideal for outdoor applications due to UV resistance
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4mm to 400mm Thick



Modified Grades


Cut to Size



Technical Properties

Reprocessed UHMWPE has the same base properties as Virgin UHMWPE however some of the technical attributes are slightly reduced. It still has extremely low moisture absorption, superior abrasion resistance, impact resistance & low a co-efficient of friction. With fantastic chemical & UV resistance, it makes it the material choice for a wide range of applications.

Unique to UHMWPE

UHMWPE is lightweight compared to other thermoplastics and will float in water. UHMWPE is virtually indestructible and will outwear steel 6 times over in the right application. Due to its ultra-high molecular weight it has no notch sensitively, exceptional impact resistance & will not easily crack or chip. One of the reasons it's called the world's toughest polymer.


UHMWPE Reprocessed (repro) can be used in just about any application where abrasion & impact resistance is important. Commonly used in applications such as hopper liners, fenders, bushes, wear strips, chain guides, noise reduction parts, shaft sleeves, timing screws, truck deck liners & bearings. This material is not FDA compliant for direct food contact.

UHMWPE Reprocessed Properties

Long Term Service Temp
Temperature - Long Term Service Temp-269°C to +90°C
Moisture Absorption
Very Low - Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Yes - UV Stable
Compressive Strength
Low - Compressive Strength
Impact Strength
High - Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Low - Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Very Low - Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance
High - Abrasion Resistance
Low - Cost

UHMWPE Reprocessed Range

Product TypeDescriptionAvailable Products
UHMWPE Reprocessed Polyslick® BRBlack colour with speckled virgin UHMWPE post-production materials. Sheet only
Some items may be indent only


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