A stack of rigid-pvc rods and sheets in various sizes, including black, white, and blue.


UHMWPE Virgin is one of the most versatile & commonly used thermoplastics in industrial & commercial applications. Also known as PE1000 virgin & often referred to the world's toughest polymer, virgin ultra high molecular weight polyethylene exhibits properties such as superior impact strength, high abrasion resistance, is tough, durable & has excellent chemical resistance. Our virgin UHMWPE products are FDA approved for food contact and can be used in cold applications below -200°C.
Natural unfilled, 100% virgin resin
FDA approved for food contact
Extremely tough & durable



6mm to 380mm


200mm ID to 1280mm OD


4mm to 400mm Thick


Yes, Natural ex stock

Modified Grades


Cut To Size

Yes, however some grades have minimum order quantity


Unique to UHMWPE

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is lightweight compared to other thermoplastics & will float in water. Virtually indestructible & will outwear steel 6 times over in the right application. Due to its ultra-high molecular weight it has no notch sensitively, has exceptional impact resistance & will not easily crack or chip.

Modified Grades

Other grades are available on request offering specific properties such as anti-microbial which includes biocidal additives, electrically dissipative grades with anti-static properties, electrically conductive grades for electrical engineering, & UV resistant grades for outdoor or UV applications.


UHMWPE Virgin is often CNC machined into parts that are widely used in the food processing & bottling industries. Other common applications include chain wear strips & guides, star wheels & feed screws, conveyor curves, self-lubricating bearings & bushes, pump & valve components, rollers, paddles & idler sprockets, plus many more.

UHMWPE Virgin Properties

Long Term Service Temp

'-269°C to +90°C

Moisture Absorption
UV Stable
Comprehensive Strength
Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
Coefficient of Friction
Abrasion Resistance


UHMWPE Virgin Range

Product TypeDescriptionAvailable Products & Notes
UHMWPE Virgin NaturalFDA & EU Approved Colour
Rod, Tube, Sheet
Some items may be indent only
UHMWPE Virgin BlueFDA & EU Approved ColourRod & Sheet
Some items may be indent only
UHMWPE Virgin GreenFDA & EU Approved ColourRod & Sheet
Some items may be indent only
UHMWPE Virgin BlackRod & Sheet
Some items may be indent only


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