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Magnetic Plate Separators

Magnetic Plate Separators are used to extract tramp metal from free-flowing products such as grains, pellets, powders, wood, and aggregate. These industrial strength magnets often employ super powerful rare earth magnets to ensure a clean end product. These magnets easily retrofit into your existing chutes and conveyors – or can be custom designed and built into a system that will work for your particular application.

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    Magnetic Plate Separators | Supply Services


    Manual and self cleaning

    Permanent magnetic power

    Hinged swing out design

    Available in rare earth (Neodymium)

    Optional Stripper plate allows for easy cleaning

    Trapped contaminants will not wipe off

    Easy access for inspection and cleaning

    Manual or Self Cleaning

    Manual Cleaning
    Cleaning operation of the MPS Manual cleaning models is performed by releasing clamps and swinging the magnet away from the chute. The stripper plate releases from the magnet breaking the magnetic field and frees the captured ferrous particles and debris.

    Self Cleaning
    For applications with a high frequency of tramp metal contaminants, the MPS Self-Cleaning models use pneumatic cyllinders to operate the cleaning cycle. This configuration is also especially useful in hard to access areas and remote operations.


    Tire Shredding


    Auto Shredding

    Hog Fuel

    Electronic Waste

    Wood Pellets

    Pallet Recycling

    Foundry Sand

    Glass Cullet

    Pulp Processing

    Magnetic Plate Separators | Supply Services
    Magnetic Plate Separators | Supply Services


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