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UHMWPE Lined Crane Grabs

Page Macrae Engineering improves productivity with crane grabs lined with UHMWPE

Page Macrae Engineering recently fitted some of our North American manufactured ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) to one of their impressive crane grabs which was subsequently fitted to a large international cargo ship.

With its amazing chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties, UHWMPE is the ideal engineering plastic material to line a crane grab.

It offers very high impact and abrasion resistance and is often described as the world’s toughest polymer. UHMWPE can take a real beating.

A crane grab lined with UHMWPE.

Reduced carry-back improves productivity

UHMWPE is often used in applications such as hopper liners, wear strips, guide rails, wharf fenders, marine components, noise reduction parts and applications requiring high abrasion resistance or anti-stick properties.

This list is nearly endless.

As product does not easily stick to UHMWPE, it promotes flow and reduces hang-up.

By eliminating hang-up your crane grab can move more product per load, thus increasing productivity.

As the main sliding surfaces of the crane grab are lined, wear and tear occurs on the UHMWPE liner, not to the steel itself, which can increase service life of the grab and reduce maintenance windows.

A crane grab lined with UHMWPE operates off a cargo ship.

Take into account service operating temperatures

The grab shown is fitted to a large international cargo ship.

This ship can operate in extreme temperatures at Australian ports, at temperatures as high as 48ºC.

It was vitally important that our technical solutions specialists advised Page Macrae Engineering around the thermal expansion requirements of UHMWPE.

Thermoplastics will expand and contract during the heating and cooling cycle of the day.

This can cause warping and buckling of the UHMWPE liner creating high points which leads to premature wear.

The worst case scenario if thermal expansion is not correctly calculated will see the UHMWPE liner rip free from its structural mountings (either bolted, welded in-place or secured with flashings).

A yellow crane grab lined with UHMWPE.

Take a look at Page Macrae Engineering port equipment

Productive in the toughest conditions.

For a complete solution to satisfy your stakeholders, we deliver quality port equipment which is proven in the field.

You can achieve environmental compliance, maximise your productivity, minimise maintenance costs and ensure safe operation for your people.

Port operators, stevedores, maritime and log logistics companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Americas are successfully using our port equipment in their operation.

Page Macrae Engineering – Port Equipment

Page Macrae Engineering logo.
Page Macrae Engineering port equipment in operation.
We wish to thank Page Macrae Engineering for allowing Supply Services Limited to use their photography for this blog post.
Thanks Team!

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