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81X Trimmer Chains

81X Trimmer Chains

SSL 81X Trimmer & Transfer Chains come with straight sidebars, having bushed rollers they are best suited to slow or moderate speed drives & conveyor applications. Made to commercial standards for clearance, fits & limits. Widely used with attachments fitted. See our conveyor chain attachments section of the website for further information.

  • Fully heat treated chain components
  • Available in different tiers of quality & price
  • Large range of attachments & rooftop profiles to suit
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​Pitch Sizes



​81X, 81XH, 81X-CHP


10 ft rolls​

​​Rivets & Conn Links Available​​


​​Attachments Available​​


​​Sprockets Available​​




SSL provides three types of 81X chain: standard 81X, 81XH & 81X-CHP (chrome hardened pins). Each type provides different plate thickness & heights to strengthen, allow higher working loads & extend service life.


​A wide range of industry standard attachments & rooftop profiles are available. Custom made attachments can be manufactured in-house providing an unlimited range of use cases. Stainless steel chain also available.


​81X chains are commonly found in the timber industry used for conveyors, stackers, sorters, trimmer saws and un-scramblers. Due to their low-cost these chains are found in a wide variety of applications & industries.

81X Trimmer Chain Range

Pitch Size
Straight SidebarRoof Top Versions


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