Chanex® chain guides & profiles.

Chanex® Chain Guides & Profiles

​​Chanex® chain guides & profiles​ offer all the advantages of UHMWPE plus the benefits of low cost conveyor construction. ​​Chanex®​ is simply welded or bolted in-place. Bright yellow in colour, there are numerous profiles available to suit a range of conveyor chains such as C2060H, C2080H, 81X, WH78, WH124 & WH132. We stock a wide range of profiles off the shelf.
​​Reduce wear & extend chain life
Quieter site operation due to less chain squeal
Reduced power consumption due to less friction



10ft & 20ft sections

Standard Profiles

​19 Different Choices

​Custom Profiles

​Made To Order

​Tru-Track Options


​To Suit Chains

From 1.5″ to 6″ pitch


UHMW-PE thermoplastic


​Extend Chain Life

​Chanex® is manufactured from UHMW-PE which has a low coefficient of friction enabling very smooth chain flow, protecting the chain from metal to metal contact & proven to extend chain service life.​ With its excellent abrasion resistance it will outlast steel in most applications.

​Tru-Track Option

​​​​​Chanex® is also available with Tru-Track options where the chain profile is formed into ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chanex®​ tperfectly match the chain. This allows for optimum chain tracking & also supports the chain roller or barrel & side plates at the same time.

Profile Range

​With 19 profiles ​​​​​available, Chanex®​ covers most of the standard bulk material handling conveyor chains in the market. From 1.5″ pitch chains such as C2060, 2.609″ pitch chains such as 81X, 81XHD, WH78 & H78, to larger pitch chains such as 4″ pitch WH124 & 6″ pitch WH132. Custom profiles can be manufactured.

​​​​​Chanex® Profiles

Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP200/SC
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP200CITT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP225TT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP250
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP300TT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP200CITT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP300CITT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP300HW
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP300CITT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP400CITT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP400TT
Diagram of ​​​​​Chanex Chain Guide Profile CHP450


​​​​​Chanex® Range

ProductDescriptionTru- TrackColourLengths/RollsTo Suit Chain
CHP200/SC2" Scanner Transfer ChanexYesYellow20ft lengthsC2060
CHP200CITT2" Channel InsertYesYellow200 & 500 ft rollsC2060
CHP2002" Standard Chanex- Yellow20ft lengthsRC80, C2060, C2080
CHP225TT2 1/4" ChanexYesYellow10ft lengthsC2080, C2080H
CHP50250-B2 1/2" Low Wall Chanex-White10ft lengthsVarious
CHP2502 1/2" Standard Chanex-Yellow20ft lengths81X
CHP300TT3" Tru-Track ChanexYesYellow10ft lengths81X
CHP3003" Standard Chanex -Yellow20ft lengths81X
CHP300CITTTru-Track Channel InsertYesYellow400 ft rolls81X
CHP300HW3" High Wall Chanex-Yellow20ft lengths81X
CHP3501253 1/2" Standard Chanex-Yellow20ft lengths81X-HD
CHP3373 3/8" High Wall Chanex-Yellow20ft lengths81X-HD
CHP400CITTTru-Track Chanel InsertYesYellow10ft lengths81X, 81X-HD, H78, WH78 etc
CHP400TT4" Standard ChanexYesYellow20ft lengthsH78, H78A, WH78 etc
CHP4504 1/2" Heavy Duty Chanex-Yellow20ft lengthsWH78-XHD, H82 etc
CHP2251752 1/4" High Wall-Yellow20ft lengthsBin Slide
FCP25400Flange Cap (Slip Chanex)-YellowTo SuitBin Sorter Knees & Walls
CHP6506 1/2" Standard Chanex-White10ft lengthsH124, WH124 etc
CHP9009 1/4" Standard Chanex-White10ft lengthsH132, WH132 etc

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