Long Link Chains

Long Link Conveyor Chains

Long link conveyor chains are available in imperial & metric versions from leading chain manufacturers such as CAN-AM & I'ANCO from Canada & HEKO Ketten from Germany. Square, oval & round link chains in a range of pitch sizes to suit a vast array of conveying and elevator applications. Long link conveyor chains are available in a range of materials, hardening & strengths.
Suitable for a wide range of conveying & elevator applications
Available in alloy steels, manganese, through or case hardened
High hardness, reduced elongation, resistant to shock loading


Pitch Sizes

45mm to 203.2mm


​Round Link & Square Link


​To Suit

​Attachments Available


Connector Links Available


​Sprockets Available



Imperial Pitch

​Imperial pitch round and square section long link conveyor chains are suitable for conveying bulky, abrasive materials in the wood processing industry. Pitches vary from 6” to 8” and the cross section from 1” to 1-1/4” across. The chain can be supplied either in through hardened alloy steel or in work hardening manganese steel.

Metric Pitch

​Metric pitch long link conveyor chains are particularly suitable for twin strand bucket elevator and ash conveyor applications. The chain pitch is precision controlled and the alloy steel is case hardened with a tough fine grain core. Surface hardness of 65 Rc (820HV) is standard. Alternative alloys are available for high shock and corrosive applications.


Sawmills & pulp mills conveying logs, slabs, sawdust, bark, chips & refuse. Bucket elevators & chain conveyors for fertiliser manufacturing. Ash conveyors for power and steam generation. Long link conveyor chains suit a wide variety of heavy-duty applications across a range of industries.


CAN-AM Chains – Canada
CAN-AM Chains – Canada
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I'ANCO Products - Canada
I'ANCO Products - Canada
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HEKO Ketten - Germany
HEKO Ketten - Germany
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