Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys

The Magnetic Head Pulley is an industrial strength magnet which provides a dependable means of tramp metal extraction on conveyor belt applications. The permanent magnetic forces protect your capital equipment, increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure highest product purity. Guaranteed magnetic strength for the life of the application. No power requirements.
Continuous extraction
Self cleaning
Optional magnetic take off rail
Blue magnetic head pulley in operation.


Superior magnetic strength
In-stock inventory
No power consumption
Ease of installation into existing systems
Size ranges 10" and up (custom sizes available)
Magnetic core available in Ceramic (Ferrite) and Rare Earth (Neodymium)
Guaranteed magnetic strength for the life of the application

Magnetic Pulley Operation

Diagram of magnetic pulley operation.


Innovative Magnetic Technologies
Innovative Magnetic Technologies
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