Metric Conveyor Chains

Metric Conveyor Chains

Metric conveyor chains from FB Ketju are constructed to withstand the most arduous applications. The chains characteristics are attained by surface hardened, homogenous and accurate pins and bushes with locating shoulders. The holes in the side plates are made by special precision punching resulting in a perfect cylindrical hole formation. These characteristics together with a press fit between the pins, bushes and side plates, makes the strongest joint possible.
Manufactured to international standards with inherent reliability
Constructed to withstand the most arduous applications
Surface hardened, homogeneous and accurate pins and bushes with locating shoulders


​Pitch sizes​

​40mm to 500mm


Straight Sidebar


​5m rolls

Rivets & Conn Links Available​


​Attachments Available​


​​Sprockets Available​



​Right Chain, Right Place

​FB Ketju chains are precision manufactured with a range of options available to ensure you obtain the right chain for the right place. Round riveted chains, chains with welded pins, chains with welded pins & bushes, & internationally patented profile chains.

​Pitch Sizes

​A huge range of pitch sizes are available in each class of metric chain. If you are looking for a strong chain with a small pitch size or a light-weight chain with a large pitch size, we have you covered. For example, the M40 range is available in 63, 80, 100 & 125mm pitch, the M900 range is available in 250, 315, 400 & 500 mm pitch.


​Options such as welded, split pin or riveted connecting pins, special lengths, plain rollers or special rollers (i.e. plastics) lubrication options & custom side plate edges are just a few to name. Your metric conveyor chain can be customised to exactly suit your requirements.

​Attachments & Brackets

​Standardised types of common mounting holes, brackets, bracket pins & attachments are manufactured to your dimensions. Custom requirements to your drawings are also available to suit any application.


Options available to have no rollers & just a solid bush, small or flanged rollers.


​​We can design and fabricate a full range of sprockets to suit FB Ketju metric chains. Standard or extended tooth gaps, solid or split bolt together sprockets, self-lubricating bushes or bearings, custom bosses & key ways.



Metric Conveyor Chain Range

Chain NumberChain DesignationPitch Sizes Available
P35Profile Chain160-200mm
P50Profile Chain160-200mm
P75Profile Chain200-250mm
M40Conveyor Chain63-80-100-125mm
M56Conveyor Chain63-80-100-125mm
M80Conveyor Chain80-100-125-160mm
M112Conveyor Chain80-100-125-160mm
M160Conveyor Chain100-125-160-200mm
M224Conveyor Chain125-160-200-250mm
M315Conveyor Chain160-200-250-315mm
M450Conveyor Chain200-250-315-400mm
M630Conveyor Chain250-315-400-500mm
M900Conveyor Chain250-315-400-500mm
FV40Conveyor Chain40-63-80-100mm
FV63Conveyor Chain63-100-125-160mm
FV90Conveyor Chain63-100-125-160mm
FV112Conveyor Chain100-125-160-200mm
FV140Conveyor Chain100-125-160-200mm
FV180Conveyor Chain125-160-200-250mm
FV250Conveyor Chain125-160-200-250mm
FV315Conveyor Chain160-200-250-315mm
FV400Conveyor Chain160-200-250-315mm
FV500Conveyor Chain160-200-250-315mm
FV630Conveyor Chain200-250-315-400mm
3,5Conveyor Chain50-63-80-100mm
5,5Conveyor Chain50-63-80-100mm
8,5Conveyor Chain63-80-100-150mm
12,5Conveyor Chain100-150-200mm
18Conveyor Chain100-150-200-250mm
24Conveyor Chain100-150-200-250mm
30Conveyor Chain150-200-250mm
40Conveyor Chain150-200-250mm
65Conveyor Chain150-200-250mm


FB Chain
FB Chain
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