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Rivetless Chains

Rivetless Conveyor Chains

Rivetless conveyor chains are drop forged from carbon steel, normalised, heat treated and quenched. ​​This very simple chain design allows for tool free assembly or disassembly at any pitch in the chain. The standard chain allows for general applications such as twin strand scraper conveying, whereas the X-Series is extensively used for overhead trolley conveyors.

  • Heat-treated components & smooth bearing areas to extend service life
  • Robust simple construction, maximum strength without excessive weight
  • Ease of assembly & disassembly of chain
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​​Pitch sizes​​

3, 4, 6, 9"


Standard & X-style


To Suit

​Spare Parts


​Attachments Available​​


​​​Sprockets Available​​




​Available in standard/original or X-style. Standard is used for general applications such as bulk conveying & the X-style is used for overhead trolley conveyors. The design allows both horizontal & vertical operation. Compatible with most global conveyor systems.

​Size & Materials

Pitch sizes of 3, 4, 6 & 9" available for both ​standard/original or X-style​ types. Precise pitch control ensures consistency & reliability for automated systems.  Available in drop-forged carbon steel, also stainless steel & other materials on request at time of order.

​Wear Resistance

​Drop forged from carbon steel, normalised, heat treated and quenched. Rivetless conveyor chains are manufactured for strength and heat treated for increased wear resistance, providing a longer service life. Smooth bearing pin surfaces reduces the break-in period.

​No Tools Required

Rivetless conveyor chains require no tools for assembly. The chain is assembled by hand & consists for 3 main components: the side links, the centre links & chain pins. No bolts or rivets to deal with. Ideal chain for onsite installation or repairs.


​A range of attachments is available to suit the vast array of conveying applications. The most common attachments being: S & F2 type attachments, both with three different styles to choose from. Filler blocks are also available. Attachments available in malleable iron and/or cast steel.

Rivetless Conveyor Chains Range

Reference Pitch
Original/Standard StyleX-Style


CAN-AM Chains – Canada

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